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Royal Covenant PDF/EPUB á Paperback Happy endings don t exist in real life, or maybe they do but have a max quota and Quartessa was that next person in line that the sold out gate crashed down on Either way, the events that always pop up to remind her that she is, and will forever be, screwed find new ways to steal her joy and replace it with misery even when things seem on the verge of working out in her favorBored out of her mind, and hardly able to get up from a sitting position any , Quartessa prepares for the birth of her child as most women do, formulating a plan to kill its father and how to avoid the repercussions of the devil if her plan actually succeeds Just your average nesting period Unfortunately, Lucifer has other plans which pit love against love in an attempt to right his son s choices And this time, she takes on her fiercest opponent yet with the hopes of making her life a little bearableAnd, with the prophesized birth coming fast, Quartessa is forced to make the hardest decision of her life Quartessa has sacrificed a lot in the past, her happiness, her sanity, her life, her loves and her body, but nothing could prepare her for this one For love creates so much bliss, but also torment Quartessa is in too deep, and this time the price is far steeper than any other But, as Quartessa has learned, the safety of others outweighs anything she may need to give up, including her life, not to death, but to something much permanent Quartessa learns the true meaning of sacrifice The ultimate sacrifice is not death, it is life

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  1. McKenzie Richardson McKenzie Richardson says:

    I received a copy of this book through Goodreads First Reads in exchange for an honest review.I really hate leaving bad reviews, but this book and I just did not get along I respect the author s ability to use world building to survive in a mentally abusive marriage and am thankful that she was able to get out of that marriage, but as far as literature goes, I don t think this book is very good For starters, it

  2. Devyn Devyn says:

    I received this book via Goodreads.I completely surprised myself by actually, kinda, maybe, liking this book Just enough to give it three stars.Royal Covenant is the kind of book you start out hating but by the end you develop a begrudging fondness for Mediocre writing, cheesy plot, lackluster characters and somehow I m still cravingI really don t know what it is about this book and I can t say it was anywhere near amaz

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