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Paperback  ✓ Poltergeist Epub á Harper Blaine was your average small time PI until she died for two minutes Now she s a Greywalker walking the thin line between the living world and the paranormal realm And she s discovering that her new abilities are landing her all sorts of strange casesIn the days leading up to Halloween, Harper s been hired by a university research group that is attempting to create an artificial poltergeist The head researcher suspects someone is faking the phenomena, but Harper s investigation reveals something else entirely they ve succeeded And when one of the group s members is killed in a brutal and inexplicable fashion, Harper must determine whether the killer is the ghost itself, or someone all too human

10 thoughts on “Poltergeist

  1. Denisa Denisa says:

    It went to a 4 star book, yay Again, I feel like this series is totally under rated andpeople should at least give it a try This author surprised me in the best of ways It went to a 4 star book, yay Again, I feel like this series is totally under rated andpeople should at least give it a try This author surprised me in the best of ways

  2. Jeffrey Jeffrey says:

    At the start let me say that I liked this book It has an interesting perspective on the whole supernatural urban fantasy slant as the main character is not a vampire, witch or shapeshifter, which are the common character tropes out there Instead Harper Blaine, after a near death experience, is able to perceive the Gray, the sub layer filled with people s auras, ghosts a

  3. Carmel (Rabid Reads) Carmel (Rabid Reads) says:

    Reviewed by Rabid ReadsI d like to start this review off by first saying that I m not 100% sure whether it s the narration or the story that s making me consistently rate this series 3 stars, so you might want to take my thoughts with a grain of salt until I figure that one out Anyway, I think that I enjoyed this installment slightly less than its predecessor on account of all

  4. Suz Suz says:

    I like this series well enough, but I think I drag my feet about reading it because I am bored with the denial trope In this instance it s the denial to acceptance trope of accepting powers.I love that the ferret s name is Chaos, though It s a perfect name for a ferret.

  5. Ithlilian Ithlilian says:

    Poltergeist started out interesting A scientific experiment is being performed to see if people can create a poltergeist Harper is hired by the person in charge of the experiment to show that the phenomenon is being faked It s a little confusing, but the scientist is a little strange Unlike Greywalker, the mystery comprises the entire book While it was exciting at the beginning, it quickly

  6. carol. carol. says:

    Real rating 3.5 stars Kat Richardson is hitting her stride as a writer, and I found I enjoyed this bookthan her last book Harper is a PI hired to find someone undermining a scientific experiment on creating a ghost The psychologist hiring her doesn t know that Harper can actually see into the world of the paranormal There s an interesting cast of side characters, from the college professor and wit

  7. Shera (Book Whispers) Shera (Book Whispers) says:

    Richardson really shows off her skills here It was beyond entertaining seeing the theory and science behind making a poltergeist, and then watching where the real thing starts happening Especially when it s a psychopath using a poltergeist to kill What a unique and very disturbing idea It s refreshing to see science and magic meet in such a realistic blend Which was what I loved about Greywalker, and wha

  8. Barbara ★ Barbara ★ says:

    This is rather similar to the first book with Harper still learning to be a greywalker and walking working in with the Grey She uses Mara witch , Ben para expert , Carlos vampire and Quinton electronics wizard for information The major difference is that the case she s working involves a mean spirited poltergeist A group of grad students are performing an experiment where they created a poltergeist and one of t

  9. Wendy Holcombe Wendy Holcombe says:

    This book was painful to read It drug on and on The story had a good premise but it could have been told in half the time I felt like the same story was being told over and over every time she went to interview a different person, just when you thought you might be getting a good story from someone you were off to someone else Too many characters without enough character development The most intriguing characters were

  10. Jason Jason says:

    4 Stars Poltergeist book 2 in the Greywalker series by Kat Richardson is a fun and interesting continuation to this cool urban fantasy series As I have said so many times, I can t get enough adult urban fantasy these days Richardson throws in a atypical heroine as our protagonist and it really works There isn t really anything new in Greywalker but there is plenty of awesome things to enjoy.Great characters.Greater setting.A

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