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The Green Man PDF ↠ The Green  PDF or Paperback A ghost story for adults Like all good coaching inns, the Green Man is said to boast a resident ghost Dr Thomas Underhill, a notorious seventeenth century practitioner of black arts and sexual deviancy, rumoured to have killed his wife However, the landlord, Maurice Allington, is the sole witness to the renaissance of the malevolent Underhill Led by an anxious desire to vindicate his sanity, Allington strives to uncover the key to Underhill s satanic powers All the while, the skeletons in the cupboard of Allington s own domestic affairs rattle to get out too

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  1. Glenn Russell Glenn Russell says:

    I have no novelists, finding theirs a puny and piffling art, one that, even at its best, can render truthfully nothan a few minor parts of the total world it pretends to take as its field of reference So declares Mr Maurice Allington while scanning the books of his personal library in the study of his rustic country inn, The Green Man And what manner of narrator did Kingsley Amis create to tell his novel s story Mauric

  2. Jim Fonseca Jim Fonseca says:

    The range of good writing by Kingsley Amis father of the living author, Martin is amazing He wrote poetry, short stories and novels that have been classified as travel, humor, alternate history, dystopian, science fiction and spy His Lucky Jim is one of the funniest novels I have read.The Green Man is horror, his Stephen King The main character runs an historic British wayside inn, The Green Man He lives there with his s

  3. Vit Babenco Vit Babenco says:

    The end of the sixties of the last century What may that mean It means the sexual revolution, an increased interest in occult subjects and mysticism and desire to change the state of mind with all sorts of psychotropic stuffs Kingsley Amis was the one who decided to pack all those signs of new epistemological era in a single rather thin novel, staying on the funny side of things Anyway, Underhill, or rather his ghost, turn

  4. Spencer Orey Spencer Orey says:

    There are some great things about this book The main character is strangely likeable for a disconnected alcoholic womanizing inn owner He goes through the motions of his life as things fall apart around him, and he realizes that the ghost of an evil old wizard is trying to use him to come back to life Nobody quite believes him, but he goes about trying to stop the ghost in between doing his daily chores, trying to set up a t

  5. Karl Karl says:

    The novel is set in and around an inn between London and Cambridge called The Green Man , owned by Maurice Allington, a 53 year old man The inn and its name date back to the 14th century The inn is haunted by its 17th century owner, Thomas Underhill, a Cambridge scholar who dabbled in the occult Underhill was associated with two unsolved murders, including that of his wife.Allington has some problems, one of which is a drinkin

  6. Tony Tony says:

    There are two apparitions in this ghost story of a novel one explained and one not And there is the obligatory Amis political incorrectness some intended and some not I read this elder Amis because a I like to see who he s skewering b I want reassurance that, by comparison, I do not drink too much andc his dialogue never disappoints, like this snippet between our protagonist and the local rectorYou don t imagine it s a coinciden

  7. David Brian David Brian says:

    Maurice Allington is a fifty something, twice married, inn keeper hotelier For Maurice, life is a high speed, roller coaster ride of juggling his various commitments in this case commitment equates to womanizing, drinking heavily, running his period inn The Green Man, and embellishing his establishment with tales of the resident ghost On top of this he needs to find time to appease the boredom of his teenage daughter oh, yes, and

  8. aPriL does feral sometimes aPriL does feral sometimes says:

    I think this book is a perfect ghost story, with everything that is supposed to be there, there, per tradition Maurice Allington owns The Green Man, an Inn which has been in existence for 190 years on the same site near Fareham, 40 miles from London The Inn was fully restored in 1961, but the best part of staying at the Inn is it has a genuine history of ghosts He bought it because of the stories he was told about the ghosts appeari

  9. Sarah N. Dipity Sarah N. Dipity says:

    For whatever reason, Kingsley Amis and I seem to genuinely click At least I think so based upon the level of enjoyment I got from this unusual little book There is a genuine quality to his literary voice, which when combined with his certain sense of humour, very much reminds me of Kurt Vonnegut who I love I am a sucker for ghost stories, but this is a ghost story with many differences The feel is entirely unique, as is the imagery I

  10. Edward Waverley Edward Waverley says:

    This is the fifth book I ve read by Kingsley Amis, and with each new foray I am increasingly convinced that I shall have to read them all I love Amis personality so much that it does not seem to matter at all what he s on about, so long as he s on Say anything you want about Amis private life, or his politics, but you cannot deny the unbridled hilarity of his comic portraits, nor the arsenal of his wit His is the voice of the brilliant

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