10 thoughts on “Bullies and Buddies

  1. jag galapin jag galapin says:

    Awesome This book is awesome This book will kinda help u handiling about bullies Things I like about this book is that the wimpy zombie stood up for the mutant zombie to his big brother which was smaller than him and bullying the mutant zombie The things I dislike is that the magma cube guy

  2. Alexandria Ayana Gopee Alexandria Ayana Gopee says:

    HilariousGreat book Perfect for the mine craft lovers out there I and my friends enjoy each book My favorite character is mutant because he is strong but soft _ Alexandria

  3. Katrina Byrom Katrina Byrom says:

    GoodThis was the best book ever I recommend this book to children who like Minecraft Have fun reading this book

  4. Enrique Suarez-Ojedis Enrique Suarez-Ojedis says:

    My favorite part when mutant became friends with zack..in the dodge ball skelly was awesome My favorite part when mutant became friends with zack..in the dodge ball skelly was awesome that book was just awesome

  5. Diana J. Davenport Diana J. Davenport says:

    GreatnessThe book was inspiring to me because I think that bullying is wrong and the book is pretty cool I recommend this boo

  6. mike elwood mike elwood says:

    MinecraftThis is a great book for anyone I would tell everyone to read this book it is a great book.

  7. gary marihugh gary marihugh says:

    I llloooovvve this book It is a good book because you learn that you can do anything even if you re a zombie in Mindcraft

  8. Michelle Lewis Michelle Lewis says:

    GoodI got the first one and I love the series so awesome just blown away by it best book ever

  9. Elin Adler Elin Adler says:

    Easy to read book for any minecraft nerd I myself havent actually played minecraft, I know what a shame i am to the swedish population xD But i do know of the game, I have seen many of my favorite streamers and youtubers play it aswell as talked to my friends who are big minecraft nerds I myself dont see the appeal in a game thats built based because i dont have any ima

  10. K K says:

    This is another quick read I read this to my 5 year old son in about an hour Once again he was laughing out loud This book also has a really great message about bullies When I first picked up this series I thought it was fun fluff reading I was wrong This book has a great message for kids about what makes a bully and thoughts on how to deal with one I was really impressed We have

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