10 thoughts on “Cornered

  1. Ann Marie Ann Marie says:

    The final book in this series, sadly But it is a really great read I highly recommend this The turmoil isn t over for our girl, not yet She needs to get honest with her feelings and until that happens she is stuck Natalie is such a strong female character, I adore her may even envy her w Elijah sighs She has endured some really hard stuff with the kidnapping and everyt

  2. Torie Torie says:

    I cannot express how much I have loved this series.E.J changed a lot His love for Natalie did not They went through a bunch of stuff Good and bad Willthey end up together Can Natalie get past the pain that was casued by being kidnapped Will E.J be able to get her back once she flees the kingdom to go back to New York Can E.J handel being king Well worth the time it akes to r

  3. Marsha Marsha says:

    Yes This is the ending that this story needed Corned by SE Reign answered all the questions and tied the 101 Nights story line into a nice neat, royal package A bitclosure for George and Alisha would have been cool, but not necessary Just loved the whole thing Didn t need the erotica to make the story good

  4. Beachbaby Beachbaby says:

    In boxed set 101 Nights complete boxed set

  5. Fiordiligii Fiordiligii says:

    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here This review applies to all parts of the mini series I can t believe this series has only so few ratings on Goodreads It is scorchingly hot, features complex characters and a truly captivating and nail biting plot The hero is by all means a true ass hole which I usually detest in a romance novel But simultaneously,

  6. Linda Linda says:

    I m finally at a point where I truly realized that Elijah grew on me After Natalie s rescue, he needed to step up and be the man she knew he could be if he wanted to salvage what was left of their relationshipbut how Knowing she never would have been in that position if not for her relationship with him, he thinks a clean break may be the best thing for her now Traumatized almost to the point where

  7. Diana Reeves Diana Reeves says:

    Could have been The entire story in this serial of books was pretty amazing There was mystery, lies, secrets, instant attraction and family closeness The over the top wealthy versus the poor The poor girl from the Bronx shows the prince who s been broken for many years that his emotions have hardened, she shows him what compassion and respect mean This last book was very short and brought closure but als

  8. Td Td says:

    Cornered 101 Nights Book 7 by S.E Reign4 1 2 starsThis final book in the series tied up the loose ends that I d wondered about from previous books I did think some of the pacing was a little quick, but mainly because there were time jumps that didn t really need elaborate details as the gaps were filled by can t think of better wording overviews of things that took place I liked that the most important parts o

  9. Willow Sanders Willow Sanders says:

    While this wraps up the series and ties loose ends, for me this didnt really feel like an ending to the series It felt like the author was tired of writing the serial and wrapped it up so she could move on to other projects There wasn t much to this story and I feel like there wasn t much of a bridge between serial 6 where Natalie and Layla are saved until this oen where they are back in New York with George yet Ali

  10. Sheuntell Johnfinn Sheuntell Johnfinn says:

    I love this book I m glad how the story ended Lets just say that it was just as crazy as it started I was a bit upset when it was only 7 books but after reading this last book 7 is the lucky number and it is everything that is needed to sum the story up I like how Elijah and Natalie had to make a lot of decisions to the events that has occur in their lives What will be their final choice to stay together or the leave each

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