The Business Romantic: Fall back in love with your work

The Business Romantic: Fall back in love with your work TopMotivational Books ofInc TopCreative Leadership Books ofForbes Against the backdrop of eroding trust in capitalism, pervasive technology, big data, and the desire to quantify all of our behaviours, The Business Romantic makes a compelling case that we must meld the pursuit of success and achievement with romance if we want to create an economy that serves our entire selvesA rising star in data analytics who is in love with the intrinsic beauty of spreadsheets the mastermind behind a brand built on absence an Argentinian couple who revolutionize shoelaces the founder of a foodie oriented start up that creates intimate conversation spaces a performance artist who offers fake corporate seminars for real professionals these are some of the innovators readers will meet in this witty, deeply personal, and rousing journey through the world of Business Romanticism The Business Romantic not only provides surprising insights into the emotional and social aspects of business but also presents Rules of Enchantment that will help both individuals and organisations construct meaningful experiences for themselves and others The Business Romantic offers a radically different view of the good life and outlines how to better meet one s own desires as well as those of customers, employees, and society It encourages readers to expect from companies, to give of themselves, and to fall back in love with their work and their lives

10 thoughts on “The Business Romantic: Fall back in love with your work and your life

  1. RYCJ RYCJ says:

    The writing is passionate, and the messages a mix of challenging, rousing, and practical, while the moral is patently clear Quote create love in what you do, which requires not only recognizing and understanding our individual skills, but building on those skills, nurturing them, and yes, loving them This is what creates universal transferable skills, an equivalent to achievement our repayment to ourselves for nurturing t

  2. Buse Kaçar Buse Kaçar says:

    It s interesting that Tim starts the discussions from Lord Byron Business romantic provides surprising insights into the emotional aspects business Just relax and fall in love with what you do Highly recommended

  3. Justin Justin says:

    Won the goodreads giveaway but never got the book and did not get a reply when messaged.Possible rating change if the book ever shows up.

  4. Lisa Lisa says:

    Business Romancedoesn t mean that you always love what you do What it does mean is simply the ability to create and find moments of love in what you do and how you do it It was a fun aspirational read However, I already strongly believe in the ideas that the author attributes to being a Business Romantic If you don t believe in these ideas already, this book isn t going to convince you otherwise A lot of the examples are very contemporary and so

  5. Thomas Evans Thomas Evans says:

    Very interesting.

  6. Daniel Taylor Daniel Taylor says:

    What Tim Leberecht refers to as being a business romantic, the late Jim Rohn would have referred to as doing things with style In The Business Romantic, Leberecht outlines a philosophy for living that will transform your relationship with business AND give you a new way of living and moving through everyday life with a greater appreciation for the richness of it all What Tim Leberecht refers to as being a business romantic, the late Jim Rohn would have referred

  7. Maryanne Christiano-Mistretta Maryanne Christiano-Mistretta says:

    I truly embraced this book, as it s definitely words to live by I ve been self employed since 2008 and run my business in a very romantic way hiring friends, becoming friends with clients and loving every working day of my life so much so that work doesn t even feel like work It s so cool to read about someone who gets it.

  8. Alex Devero Alex Devero says:

    If businesses want engaged employees and loyal customers, they ll need to make some changes Whether it s through altruism, creative challenges, exclusivity or a personal touch, companies that create authentic experiences within the workplace and customer service will lead the new Millennial market.

  9. Nick Woodall Nick Woodall says:

    This book really made me think While some people might question my judgement, I am an introvert and a romantic So, this book really resonated with me Being a business romantic would make the business world a whole lotpalatable.

  10. Marvin Marvin says:

    Dear Lord, I just can t

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