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Paperback  Ó Hidden Witness ePUB á Their marriage was fake How he felt about her was anything but Detective Chase Hollister knows the perils of protecting a witness He s got the bullet wound to prove it But getting shot is nothing compared to his next assignment fake marriage Gorgeous fake wife Living together in a fake house All to protect witness Raney Taylor from a very real assassin As Chase and his new wife set up house, he realizes there s something very genuine about his smoldering attraction to Raney Then her safety is threatened and his every protective fiber goes on alert Suddenly, although their wedding may have been a sham, Chase knows there s nothing fake about his feelings for this witness

10 thoughts on “Hidden Witness

  1. Grace Grace says:

    This was a hard one to rate The romance between the couple was fantastic I would give it 5 stars for that part The suspense, however, was lacking There was faremphases on fixing up the hero s house and the small town the couple was in There was a great suspense scene at the end which made up for things a bit but not enough for me So, suspense would be 2 stars If yo

  2. Myst Myst says:

    Great story but not much of a ending Found it totally lacking, we never find out if his co workers survived the crash among other things coyer

  3. Michelle Michelle says:

    Chase is still trying to recover from a gunshot wound but when he s called in to offer protection for a witness he s ready to jump in and protect Raney After recently learning of his step father s death Chase knows that the best place to hide is his childhood home But recovery from physical wounds is not the only thing Chase needs to do, he needs time to recover from

  4. Karla Brandenburg Karla Brandenburg says:

    I really enjoyed this book Raney s location in the witness protection program is compromised The Chief of Police wants her close by to testify at the trial, and with the death of Chase s stepfather, they have the perfect cover A fake wedding and an inherited house I like that Chase, while struggling with the job versus his response to Raney, doesn t do the angsty I ma

  5. P S P S says:

    Good read, lousy ending to a great read Ending was rushed and did not tie up loose end.

  6. Leslie Leslie says:

    Awesome Series A must read for Romance Suspense Fans

  7. Meagan Meagan says:

    I m not a big reader of category romance, but I bought this book for two big reasons 1 I was taking a holiday vacation, and nothing makes for better travel reading than the short, light category romance 2 This book features one of my favorite things the fake marriage Even better, the fake marriage that allows law enforcement to stay close to protect the heroine from assa

  8. Paula Legate Paula Legate says:

    I really enjoyed this book Chase is a detective What better way to protect Raney, than to marry her Raney is a Key witness in a big case Chase, and the Police department will do whatever they have to, To keep her alive, and get her to trail Chase, and Raney feel hard for one another in a sweet kinda way Chase took Raney to his childhood home He needed to paint it, to get

  9. Belinda Belinda says:

    Chase is a detective..His assignment to watch over Raney is one he really isn t looking forward to..he is going to have to act like their married plus go back to his childhood home that has no good memories for him He and Raney fake the marriage and head to Ravesville to hide out in his childhood home where he was beat and took beatings from his stepdadThey are enjoying th

  10. Ellen Parker Ellen Parker says:

    Keeping her safe endangers his heart.Detective Chase Hollister is experienced at providing witness protection Posing as a newlywed while getting his late step father s house ready for sale sounds like a win win But soon after he starts the assignment he knows he s in trouble.Raney, a kidnapping survivor, is scheduled to testify against a rich and powerful criminal if the po

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