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Paperback  Ç Scandal!  eBook á What makes a good scandal Money, politics and power, and a huge dose of media interestScandal reigns in the world of politics, celebrity, business, religion, royalty and art, and this book covers it all from Watergate to Michael Jackson, Diana to Oscar Wilde Distinguished writer Colin Wilson delves into the murky intrigues of British and American life to bring the most scandalous secrets to lightContaining brand new chapters on Michael Jackson, ENRON, the death of David Kelly, the Catholic Church sex scandals and the cash for honours scandal, and an updated chapter on OJ Simpson, here are the embarrassing true stories the rich and famous tried but failed to hide

10 thoughts on “Scandal!

  1. Charlie Charlie says:

    Like many hidden gems, this book was sitting on a remainder table, priced at a dollar I figured I would read a bit of it on the beach and toss it Instead, I was fascinated Ever hear a reference to the Profumo scandal or the Don Juan hoax and wonder what they meant For that matter, read about the real Ponzi Scheme Th

  2. Pearl_carys Pearl_carys says:

    Good for someone who loves to gossip hahaha this book even cerita pasal the scandalous royal from as early as 1700. call me ignorant but i don t really know thembut still i read it till the last page

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