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Kali eBook á Kindle Edition The brutal murder of a Los Alamos physicist provides the setting for an intellectual adventure exploring realms as varied as quantum physics, occult symbolism, radical theology, and secret technologies The questions surrounding the murder are intriguing , the characters fascinating, and the New Mexico setting provides a colorful backdrop but as the mystery deepens readers find themselves drawn into something a way of looking at the world that challenges their own perception of reality Kali is not just a story, it is an experience you might never forget Jim Thompson is the author of several books including The Logic of Demons and the Ecstasies of Love an explosive new study that explores the scientific and semiotic theories underlying Kali A Novel

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  1. Madame Madame says:

    This story cannot be read through fast You have to take time to digest the concepts explain here Open your mind similar to playing Dungeons Dragons or watching the television show Fridge A

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