XX: Poems for the Twentieth Century PDF ë for the

XX: Poems for the Twentieth Century PDF ë for the A poetic history of the twentieth century from one of our most beloved, popular, and highly lauded poets a stirring, strikingly original, intensely imagined recreation of the most potent voices and searing moments that have shaped our collective experienceXX is award winning poet Campbell McGrath s astonishing sequence of one hundred poems one per year written in a vast range of forms, and in the voices of figures as varied as Picasso and Mao, Frida Kahlo and Elvis Presley Based on years of historical research and cultural investigation, XX turns poetry into an archival inquiry and a choral documentary Hollywood and Hiroshima, Modernism and propaganda, Bob Dylan and Walter Benjamin its range of interest encompasses the entire century of art and culture, invention and struggleElegiac and celebratory, deeply tragic and wickedly funny, XX is a unique collection from this acknowledged master of historical poetry, and his most ambitious book yet

10 thoughts on “XX: Poems for the Twentieth Century

  1. Ken Ken says:

    A poem for each year of the XXth century Quite an undertaking and, as you might imagine, inconsistent to the core Quirky character selections, many of the topics famous XXth century writers as you d expect Anna Akhmatova, Apollinaire, Virginia Woolf, Kafka, Sylvia Plath Hubby Ted, Rilke, John Ashbery Still, there are manyartists here, too, and often repeat poems about artists, most

  2. Joshua Buhs Joshua Buhs says:

    Too limited, I think.Campbell McGrath s collection of poems documents the twentieth century, a poem per year, usually told in the voice of someone alive that year It begins with Picasso, who remains a presence long into the book the twentieth century as the birth of modernism, the collection of poems as cubist facets on the century And, indeed, French modernism m dominates the early

  3. Kim Wozencraft Kim Wozencraft says:

    I was completely engrossed from page one This book is a year by year journey through the twentieth century, each poem written from the viewpoint of a major cultural icon in a specific year Different poetic forms, too, are part of the structural strategy of the book The poems are stunningly beautiful, imaginative, and thought provoking Reading them was like taking a trip through time w

  4. BooksRgood BooksRgood says:

    100 poems one for each year of the 20th century pretty enjoyable read.

  5. Steven Peck Steven Peck says:

    4.5 stars This shouldn t have worked It seemed too gimmicky Even so, it did work For several reasons First, the poems are varied and well wrought Most are finely crafted and the poetry shined throughout A few exceptions, but for the most part, the poems were first rate McGrath is a poet s poet Second, while the people and events chosen 1 per year for each year of the 20th Century seemed

  6. Nick Moran Nick Moran says:

    What do we make of how McGrath devotes only one or two poems to each World War, while at the same time giving us eight poems about Picasso and three about Frida Kahlo Is this the way a masterful poet subverts our expectations about what the 20th century was, or is the book s packaging to blame Maybe it saccurate to call these 100 poems one for each year poems for the twentieth century s

  7. Tristan Tristan says:

    Actual rating 3.5 starsThis was a difficult book to come to an opinion about On the one hand, the idea is really cool and the execution is often good, on the other hand, the poems are pretty wildly variable in quality, tone, and type Of course, some variation in tone and type is good a book gets dull if every poem feels exactly the same This book however is truly wild it has pieces like A

  8. Eugenea Pollock Eugenea Pollock says:

    Reading this collection of poetry is like flipping through a scrapbook of notable 20th century markers people, places, artifacts, events that conjure the essence of the times It cannot be comprehensive and should not be criticized for that Others might quibble with McGrath s choices, but so what This represents a viable selection, and I thoroughly enjoyed it A few of my favorite years are

  9. Jean Jean says:

    ExcellentI m ashamed to say, as a lover of poetry, I was unfamiliar with Campbell McGrath Well I am familiar now and this poetry is excellent A century of poems as different and encompassing as the century it encompasses Absolutely spellbinding.Whether or not you love poetry, you will appreciate the beauty of these verses Each one diverse and distinct I d think I found my favorite then as I

  10. Anne Anne says:

    I love the concept A century of topics Some were really as if written by the person like Elvis or Picasso while others were about events Very clever and well done My one beef, as this may have to do with my ignorance, some of the poems were about people I ve never heard of before and there were no clues in the poems about what they did or stood for.

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