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The Temptation of Rory Monahan ePUB × of Rory  MOBI He was a man of books, alright, but Rory Monahan had no explanation for his new reaction to lovely librarian Miriam Thornbury Something was suddenly different about her He d never noticed that her legs were so longor her lips quite so fullWhy, it was almost as if the sultry but sensible Miss Thornbury was trying to seduce him Well, two could play at this game After all, he was a scholar it was time he figured out what was up with her Even if it took all day and all night The things a man will do in the name of research

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  1. willaful willaful says:

    Oh my God, this was so twee Internal monologue after internal monologue, all in the cutsiest, meandering style I was also very disappointed that the initial conflict that interested me the librarian heroine is being forced to censor library material by the prudish mayor was dropped without a word, just a suggestion that the Mayor is going to find twu wuv later in the series, which presumably

  2. J-ellist J-ellist says:

    The story was good Yes there were lots of internal monologues and at some point the girl seemed like she was too desperated to get the man But, the characters were lovable and Rory, being a professor was quite the nerd Extract from chapter VI view spoiler I m sorry, he immediately apologized as he jerked his arm back again I was reaching for the glove compartment I think there s a flashlight in ther

  3. Sylvia Sylvia says:


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