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Kindle Edition  Ç Mortals Rule Kindle á This book takes place weeks after Wizards Rule ends If you haven t read Wizards Rule, go find it and leave this one for later You won t understand what s going on In fact, this series has a total of five books now You should start with the first, Vampires Rule, but if you don t want to, at least get Wizards Rule first We rejoin Jack and Silver shortly after the Dark Wizard has been defeated and Billy died Jack is obsessed with getting his brother back Cowboy is angry because Jack won t blow town with him, and Silver is upset that he might just do it He s being torn in two different directions by the people that love him most But Jack isn t going anywhere, not until he figures out how to use Samuel s time machine room If he s right, he can save his brother and the others that died while helping him This YA paranormal is packed with action, surprises, and dark humor

10 thoughts on “Mortals Rule

  1. Jessica Jessica says:

    I loved this series I can t wait to readby her.

  2. Melodi Daniel Melodi Daniel says:

    Awesome readAnother great read, hard to put down, just love this series Jack and Silver always trying to hold on to their dreams

  3. Leah Speller Leah Speller says:

    Wow What a great end to a wonderful series I do believe there weretwists in this book than in all of the others combined Each time I thought I knew what was going on or even where things were headed with everything there was another twist.Now I am not one to do spoilers so I don t wish to start now All I can say is that

  4. Cathy Pontious Cathy Pontious says:

    WowWhat a series I can t believe I m done with it I wantMore Silver and Jack But if it had to end, what a way to go out This is a remarkable series It is filled with a little of everything It kept me on the edge of my seat With a feeling that you just had to find out what was going to happen I hope it doesn t take to long

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