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Paperback  ✓ A todo vapor eBook Û A todo  Epub / El progreso ha llegado al Mundodisco a lomos de una locomotora de vapor Sus habitantes acuden en masa a admirar el revolucionario prodigio de la t cnica, obra de un joven inventor autodidacta llamado Dick Simnel Inmediatamente, lord Vetinari decide apropiarse de la m quina y nombra a H medo von Mustachen, su hombre para todo, responsable de la operaci n Entretanto estalla una revuelta pol tica entre los enanos, que planean atentar contra su rey y sabotear el ferrocarril Von Mustachen tendr que esquivar muchos escollos para evitar que todo descarrileDesde hace m s de tres d cadas, Terry Pratchett ha fascinado a millones de lectores de todo el mundo con sus novelas fant sticas, divertidas y sat ricas ambientadas en el Mundodisco, un universo fant stico profundamente original que guarda un sospechoso parecido con el nuestro A todo vapor es la cuadrag sima entrega de esta serie tan emblem tica y longeva como popular, cuyo siguiente y ltimo volumen se public en ingl s en agosto dey saldr en castellano enNo solo resulta ser un aut ntico placer para los lectores, como las entregas anteriores, sino que tambi n nos da un nuevo y original ejemplo del sentido del humor, la imaginaci n y la capacidad cr tica de Terry Pratchett para retratar, sin perder la sonrisa, los vicios de nuestra sociedad

10 thoughts on “A todo vapor

  1. Patrick Patrick says:

    This is a tricky book for me to review For one thing, it s hard for me to view this book as a thing unto itself Anyone who knows anything about my reading habits knows that I m a huge fan of Terry Pratchett Of all his books, Thud is perhaps my favorite And this book is a follow up to that one Not exactly a se

  2. Shelley Shelley says:

    I was troubled while reading this book Where were the characters I loved I could see them there on the page Vetinari, Moist, Adora belle etc but their names could have been interchangeable Their personalities were a blur I recognise Sir Terry s struggle with his health, but I get the distinct impression that someone

  3. Tim Hicks Tim Hicks says:

    OK, 4.6 rounded up I ve seen a lot of reviews here that panned this book but seemed to be doing so mostly because it wasn t what they wanted it to be Too little of this, too much of that Pfui Authors get to write whatever they want To me, this one s about Moist and the Discworld growing up, maturing And I suspect it s a wi

  4. Dan Schwent Dan Schwent says:

    A young man invents the steam engine and the train and railroad soon follow Lord Vetinari feels the winds of change blowing and puts Moist von Lipwig in charge of the burgeoning railway industry But not everyone likes the idea of progressHere we are, the 40th Discworld book Even after 40 books, I forget how clever Terry Pratchett

  5. Lyn Lyn says:

    The penultimate novel in the Discworld series.Truth be told, I very much enjoyed our little adventure with Moist von Lipwig, he of the scandalous and dangerous success, literally coming from the gallows a few books back to become an efficacious leader of the post office, the mint and the bank But throughout the book, there was always th

  6. Tramline Tramline says:

    Terry Pratchett is a writer with a timebomb ticking in his head Although this is common knowledge, you have to be a very close reader to notice the strain this exerts on him Pratchett has written his very best work in the period just before his embuggerance Monstruous regiment, the wee free men trilogy notice here I do not include I shall wear

  7. Sanjukta Sanjukta says:

    I couldn t have imagined that a day would come when this is to be said of Sir Pratchett, but sadly, I must say that he disappoints with this one All the usual ingredients are present, the City Watch, the Tyrant, the Turtle, the rolls, dwarfs and goblins, as are the smart alecy quips and puns and double entendres, but, Where is the Plot, the Enticing

  8. Belinda Lewis Belinda Lewis says:

    I honestly didn t even finish this book It was just so dreadfully boring I made it about 80% through and I only got that far because I love Terry Pratchett and wanted to persevere and then just gave up The dialogue is terrible, the narrative lacks any kind of rhythm its just and then and then and then and then and worst of all the characters are unrecogniza

  9. Julie Julie says:

    My husband Simon and I were taking the train into Chicago to see a dance performance The journey is about 1 hour, 20 minutes and I wasn t sure we could sustain a conversation that long having been married now for 34 years, so, I racked my brain for an audiobook we could enjoy together I have a widget Simon calls a splitter which I plug into my iPod and it enables

  10. Dylan Kiely Dylan Kiely says:

    While some people say that this book did not deliver on the same level of expectation as Pratchett s earlier works, it is my opinion that this book is so muchdeveloped and gripping than his other books The humour that is displayed still follows the same structure of parody.Personally, I loved the whole stories of Moist, and found that there was no Pratchett book that I l

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