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Veils of Salome PDF/EPUB Ï Veils of  Kindle - and Salome danced For Herodias had ordered it She was a woman of unrelenting ambition and lust, a woman possessed She was a wife and mother but she was also determined to become a first lady of Roman society at any cost If her husband could not achieve this goal then she would even if she had to victimize her own daughter the sensual, youthful beauty of Salome would tempt the jaded senators indeed, an empire might be swayed Against every wish and plan the beautiful daughter of Herodias would chance to meet the handsome young physician, Marcus Bus affairs of family and state and the most selfish and violent passions of a demented people would soon crush their romance in a frustrating series of events Emperors and kings would rant, armies would clash, a great and holy man would be beheaded years of degradation and infamy would pass and destiny would once again bring together the woman who was Salome and a battle weary Roman legionnaire named Marcus This is a new, revised, and enlarged edition from the original work previously written under the pseudonym Jay Scotland

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    A quick read This was my introduction to Jakes I have seen his books around and finally got around to reading one Reasonably entertaining story about Salome, with the focus faron events asi

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