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Paperback  Ó Ślepy trop eBook á Samotna matka, Sofie Lund, przeprowadza si z roczn c reczk Maj do domu, kt ry odziedziczy a po dziadku, trudnym w kontaktach cz owieku, od lat pozostaj cym w kr gu zainteresowania policji Sofie postanawia wynaj firm sprz taj c , aby wyrzuci z domu wszystkie pami tki po krewnym, o kt rym najch tniej chcia aby zapomnie Pozostaje po nim tylko sejf, przytwierdzony na sta e do pod ogi w piwnicy

10 thoughts on “Ślepy trop

  1. Diane S ☔ Diane S ☔ says:

    3.5 Somehow or another I managed to blunder my way into the tenth is a series I have not previously read Though I did read that in the USA only five have been translated and published The author though did the reader a great

  2. Crime by the Book Crime by the Book says:

    4.5 5 stars for this one Read my full review here is a fantastic police procedural Slow burning but with a certain energy to it that kept me hooked It s part of a series but CAN be read as a standalone 4.5 5 stars for this one Read my

  3. Liz Barnsley Liz Barnsley says:

    Nordic Noir is a thing at the moment some brilliant books arriving on our doorstep and Ordeal was such a book distinctly atmospheric, with its own peculiar vibe I enjoyed it very much.A great mix of police procedural and intensley intriguing c

  4. Rachel Hall Rachel Hall says:

    The Nordic Noir genre has brought a sense of realism to the crime fiction world that I have high regard for, with its appreciation for the daily grind behind so much of police work and its wider social and political commentary In Ordeal, Lier Horst bri

  5. Paula Paula says:

    A master class in police procedure,real tight plot.

  6. Matt Matt says:

    In the latest William Wisting novel, Horst takes the reader on another wonderful adventure, where the law and justice meet, if only for a moment After months of no leads on the case of a missing taxi driver and his vehicle, Wisting is forced to push it to the side Juggl

  7. Jeanette Jeanette says:

    3.5 stars and a wider plot than in the usual Wisting But I rounded it up for the baby Ingrid s birth It s always the best days of all when the babies come It is to me.William is pushed a farther than usual inquiry even within a homicide tangent to a missing case Because these ba

  8. Rowena Hoseason Rowena Hoseason says:

    This is character driven police procedural set in small town Norway, along the lines of Wallander or Beck It places realistic human characters at the core of a criminal investigation the discovery of a dead body juxtaposed alongside everyday domestic concerns A meticulously crafted crimi

  9. Agnes Kalivoda Agnes Kalivoda says:

    Seriously, I wanted this book to never end Horst is not a literature writer but his stories are amazing and the details are really worked out well Already ordered his next book in the Wisting series.

  10. Bruce Hatton Bruce Hatton says:

    The fifth book in this excellent series to be translated into English see William Wisting investigating the case of a murdered taxi driver and discovering that this crime is linked to an earlier murder in a neighbouring county a murder for which the local police already claim to have the culprit Both crim

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