Mamaji eBook á Paperback

Mamaji eBook á Paperback Although Ved Mehta has been blind since childhood, he has written eleven books in fifteen years, from his autobiography Face to Face to Daddyji, his memoir of his father Mamaji is a companion volume to both of these books, and it tells the story of the author s mother, Shanti Devi Mehta Mamaji, as her children called her and, by extension, of an ancient family from an Indian city trying to consolidate its place in the modern worldMamaji was brought up in an orthodox Hindu family, practised in the ancient rituals and duties associated with her religion, and she received little schooling When she was seventeen her father arranged her marriage to Amolak Ram Mehta the marriage of a girl who couldn t speak English, was extremely superstitious, and had never been inside a shop to a British trained doctor who loved music and was addicted to tennis, parties, and cards and had expected a wife with similar interestsWriting with his characteristic vividness and eloquence, Ved Mehta once again translates an individual experience into one that is universal

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