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Ebook  Ç Falcó MOBI á La Europa turbulenta de los a os treinta y cuarenta del siglo XX es el escenario de las andanzas de Lorenzo Falc , ex contrabandista de armas, esp a sin escr pulos, agente de los servicios de inteligencia Durante el oto o de , mientras la frontera entre amigos y enemigos se reduce a una l nea imprecisa y peligrosa, Falc recibe el encargo de infiltrarse en una dif cil misi n que podr a cambiar el curso de la historia de Espa a Un hombre y dos mujeres los hermanos Montero y Eva Rengel ser n sus compa eros de aventura y tal vez sus v ctimas, en un tiempo en el que la vida se escribe a golpe de traiciones y nada es lo que pareceArturo P rez Reverte entrelaza magistralmente realidad y ficci n en esta historia protagonizada por un nuevo y fascinante personaje, comparable a los m s destacados esp as y aventureros de la literatura

10 thoughts on “Falcó

  1. Liz Liz says:

    Meh, this was a good airplane read but ultimately I would not recommend.It started out very promising in general I really enjoy fiction about the Spanish Civil War, and this book was mostly concerned with characters on the fascist conservative side, which was really interesting The introduction implied th

  2. Stan Stan says:

    An easy and pleasant read, as style goes, but a tough book, about the beginnings of the Spanish Civil War It s a story of betrayal, brutality, an amorality, and doesn t make one side better than the other though we learnabout the depravity of the leaders of the Falangist movement andabout the rank and file o

  3. Mikko Saari Mikko Saari says:

    Quick moving story set in the Spanish civil war, this time on the Falangist side The protagonist seems like one of the bad guys from a Carlos Ruiz Zaf n novel Lots of spy action, killing people and whatnot Very cold hearted stuff, except when there are ladies involved.This is a very old fashioned story, where m

  4. Pablo Pablo says:

    A true page turner P rez Reverte, with the years has become a remarkable best seller creator I enjoyed immensely this book s pacing and the glimpse into the horrors of espionage and political prosecution during the Spanish Civil War.On the other hand, Falc , the protagonist is a lot less enjoyable than Alatriste H

  5. Sebas JP Sebas JP says:

    Fun spy thriller set in Spain during the Spanish civil war A page turner Almost 4 stars but the writing and plot development do not merit it in my opinion Would recommend it as a holiday read.

  6. Paul Paul says:

    I ve read better books by Perez Reverte This is not his best Main character is too self centered and a bit unrealistic.

  7. Jane Jane says:

    Another great read by Perez Reverte centers around the beginning of the Spanish Civil War and the fictional mercenary hero Falco, who is sent by Nationalist Franquista officers in Salamanca to liberate Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera, the Falangist leader, from the Republicans rebels in Alicante Events of intrigue, danger of

  8. Florian Florian says:

    If you like stories which take place during the Spanish Civil War you will definitely like that book It feels like For Whom The Bell Tolls, a stranger has a job where he has to cooperate with locals and gets to know there stories and falls in love with one Just that the story does not reach the same level as Hemmingway s clas

  9. Oscar Oscar says:

    I ve always been a big fan of Arturo P rez Reverte since reading the Capit n Alatriste novels back when I was a teenager, and was anxious to see if he could recreate that adventurous atmosphere in the turmoil of the Spanish civil war I have to say that I am not 100% satisfied, while I found the action to be well paced it felt li

  10. Luis Pgm Luis Pgm says:

    If you like history and specially the spanish civil war then you would like this book It is specially interesting because it shows you the war from inside the national side, Franco s army, when most of the novels that I had read that had something to do with the spanish civil war were from the Communist and the Republican s perspec

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