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The Prey of Gods PDF ↠ The Prey  PDF or In South Africa, the future looks promising Personal robots are making life easier for the working class The government is harnessing renewable energy to provide infrastructure for the poor And in the bustling coastal town of Port Elizabeth, the economy is booming thanks to the genetic engineering industry which has found a welcome home there Yes the days to come are looking very good for South Africans That is, if they can survive the present challenges A new hallucinogenic drug sweeping the countryAn emerging AI uprisingAnd an ancient demigoddess hellbent on regaining her former status by preying on the blood and sweat but mostly blood of every human she encountersIt s up to a young Zulu girl powerful enough to destroy her entire township, a queer teen plagued with the ability to control minds, a pop diva with serious daddy issues, and a politician with even serious mommy issues to band together to ensure there s a future left to worry about

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  1. Hannah Greendale Hannah Greendale says:

    Click here to watch a video review of this book on my channel, From Beginning to Bookend Set in South Africa in the year 2064, The Prey of Gods unveils the otherworldly circumstances that draw five

  2. Dan Schwent Dan Schwent says:

    In a near future South Africa, an ancient goddess launches a plan to regain her lost glory by any means necessaryThe Prey of Gods isn t one of those books that is easy to sum up My little teaser is

  3. Gary Gary says:

    Nicky Drayden s debut novel The Prey of Gods is an exciting and adventurous book with a highly original setting, and a very singular hybrid of urban fantasy and sci fi tropes The novel is set in a fu

  4. Richard Derus Richard Derus says:

    UPDATE 27 November 2017Hey Guys Even the LA Times agrees with me about this book I am not going to pretend this is a review I read this book at least three times in different incarnations before it wa

  5. Lindsay Lindsay says:

    A glorious mash up of great characters and bizarre science fictional and mythic plotting leads to a wild and unpredictable book with a wicked sense of humor The character on the amazing cover is meant

  6. Jen/The Tolkien Gal/ジェニファー Jen/The Tolkien Gal/ジェニファー says:

    Thanks to Devon Munn for this recommendation I just got it and I m going to read it soon So cool to have a sci fi set in my own country Thanks to Devon Munn for this recommendation I just got it and I m

  7. Monica **can& Monica **can& says:

    I knew the moment I saw this beautiful book that I would be buying a physical copy just so that I could occasionally look at it It has to be one of my favorite cover arts ever But this gem of a book is n

  8. K.J. Charles K.J. Charles says:

    Absolutely fantastic A SFF novel effortless mix of magic and machinery set in a near future South Africa where new tech and old gods collide The story has multiple protagonists including a just emerging g

  9. Book Riot Community Book Riot Community says:

    In future South Africa, there s a demigoddess Not a powerful demigoddess, but a washed up demigoddess Sydney has lost all her magic and now works in a salon doing nails, but she has a plan to regain her or

  10. TL TL says:

    I received this via Goodreads Giveaways in exchange for an honest review All my opinions are my own Wow one of those highly anticipated of mine reads that lived up to what I was hoping it would be.This is a

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