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➷ The Interloper Free ➭ Author Robyn Donald – Pv1.info She Would Sacrifice Everything For MarkMeredith Had No Choice After Her Mother S Death But To Turn To Her Estranged Grandfather For Help To Keep Her Two Year Old Brother, Mark, From His Tyrannical Clutches, However, She Pretended That Mark Was Her Own Illegitimate SonMeredith S Life With Her Grandfather, Even On His Fiji Island Paradise, Wasn T Easy And His Overbearing Business Manager, Dane Fowler, Was A Fascinating Complication Meredith Could Well Do WithoutDane Was A Clever Man, She Guessed She Must Never Let Herself Forget That He Was Ruthless, Too

10 thoughts on “The Interloper

  1. Dianna Dianna says:

    When her mother dies Meredith, 19, takes her brother Mark, 2, to Fiji to live with their grandfather He s rich and cantankerous and his daughter hated him She accepted his money because her flaky husband kept flaking on her, but she s left Meredith with a very bad impression of the man So, Meredith deci

  2. RomLibrary RomLibrary says:

    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Loved this h Especially when she threatens to seduce him She would sacrifice everything for MarkMeredith had no choice after her mother s death but to turn to her estranged grandfather for help To keep her two year old brother, Mark,

  3. SassyLeg SassyLeg says:

    3.5 starsAngsty old school featuring a VERY young h facing the loss of her mother father died a couple of years before she is all alone with a baby brother but finds out her GF mother s father is alive and rich as Croesus The rich tycoon is all alone too but a nephew our H , who is ruthless cold cruel and misjudges mistrea

  4. Annarose Annarose says:

    The novel is about a 19 years old girl who had to take care of her toddler brother after her mother s death She was forced by lack of money to live with her grandfather and his manager the hero and later forced to marry the hero Couldn t really understand her logic in pretending her brother is her son nor did I understand how could

  5. Paula Paula says:

    Didn t like this one at all felt like a very abusive relationship, IMO.On a side note, this couple is featured as friends of the hero in Robyn Donald s Long Journey Past Harlequin Presents, No 936.

  6. Mindy Mindy says:

    Even for old school Harlequins this one is pretty extreme in the I m mean to you because I love you justification Not even crazy fun to read.

  7. Usagi Tsukino Usagi Tsukino says:

    Abusive b stard That was pretty much rape to me, and then he tried to strangle her too Disgusting.Don t bother with this book.

  8. Femke Femke says:

    Ik las de Nederlandse editie, Belofte voor de toekomst Lekker simpel romannetje, waar je niet bij na hoeft te denken Het verhaal is lekker rechttoe rechtaan en je ziet het einde al van mijlenver aankomen.

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