Seven Secrets Of Successful Parenting: Or How to Achieve

Seven Secrets Of Successful Parenting: Or How to Achieve Really good book and would definitely recommend THE Breakthrough Guide on How to be a Better Parent Do you worry about your child s behaviour Do you ever nag or shout and wish you hadn t Do you give in to your child to avoid confrontation Do you feel anxious that your child is unhappy or falling behind at school Or do you simply long for a happier home In this unique guide Karen Doherty and Georgia Coleridge put the fun back into family life by revealing powerful yet simple solutions to virtually every parenting problem And with eight children between them, there aren t too many difficulties they haven t encounteredPacked with masses of groundbreaking, original material, cutting edge advice from professionals, and dozens of real life stories from parents, this brilliant book holds the key to solving everyday problems As Karen and Georgia identify SEVEN unique parenting styles and lead you to discover the one that works best for you, they also help you to ditch the guilt build on your strengths boost your confidence feel inspired to try new and innovative ideas Practical, reassuring and bursting with clear, concise, sensible advice that REALLY WORKS, Seven Secrets of Successful Parenting is essential reading for EVERY PARENT

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