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!!> Download ➽ Winter ➸ Author Ali Smith – Pv1.info WINTER Bleak Frosty Wind, Earth As Iron, Water As Stone, So The Old Song Goes And Now Art S Mother Is Seeing Things.Come To Think Of It, Art S Seeing Things Himself.When Four People, Strangers And Family, Converge On A Fifteen Bedroom House In Cornwall For Christmas, Will There Be Enough Room For Everyone Winter It Makes Things Visible In Ali Smith S Winter,Life Force Matches Up To The Toughest Of The Seasons In This Second Novel In Her Seasonal Cycle, The Follow Up To Her Sensational Autumn,Smith S Shapeshifting Novel Casts A Warm, Wise, Merry And Uncompromising Eye Over A Post Truth Era In A Story Rooted In History And Memory And With A Taproot Deep In The Evergreens, Art And Love.

10 thoughts on “Winter

  1. Neil Neil says:

    I d love to chat all day about the seasons but I ve work to do, he said.When I first read this book, I, along with many others, missed a key connection between it and the first volume of the quartet, Autumn Reading Winter again now after just reading Autumn for the third time

  2. Fionnuala Fionnuala says:

    conversation continued from Autumn You re reading the book about the leaves again It s not the same book Same cover image, different season.So no leaves floating about in this one No leaves But lots of floaters.Like eye floaters Those and others.You do like your enigmas Plastic floating acros

  3. Esil Esil says:

    Winter is the second book I ve read by Ali Smith Public Library and Other Stories was the first one Both times I had to recalibrate my brain according to the following rules in order to enjoy the reading experience Slow down the book is short but you can t speed through it Give in to the lack of linea

  4. Gumble& Gumble& says:

    This isn t a ghost story, though it s the dead of winter when it happens, a bright sunny post millennial global warming Christmas Christmas, too, dead and it s about real things really happening in the real world involving real people in real time on the real earth uh huh, earth, also dead And here s anoth

  5. Simon Simon says:

    I ve so many thoughts I can t quite sum up the brilliance of Ali Smith s Winter other than by saying it s blown me away It s like a great conversation that makes you think all the thoughts I ve loved it I ll review properly when my brain stops fizzing from the immediacy of reading it.

  6. Violet wells Violet wells says:

    Quite enjoyed this though for me it lacked the urgency, inspiration and poetry of Autumn At times it read like an inferior version of the same novel Perhaps though my bad for reading this immediately after finishing Autumn I ve got a feeling a six month time lapse would have helped me enjoy it Centrepiece of the novel is a Chr

  7. Paul Fulcher Paul Fulcher says:

    OK I surrender Upgraded to 5 stars as Ali Smith has made complete fools of us all, myself included.Everyone spent so long looking for micro links between the two novels, no one at least not in any review on GR as at 9 November 2017 had spotted other than as the merest teasing hint the glaring and very explicit link between the two books

  8. William2 William2 says:

    Martin Amis said that there seems to be a requisite period of time before one can write about historical events, especially catastrophes He was referring to 9 11 and his first publication about it The Second Plane which did not appear until 2008 Ali Smith, however, in Winter, seems to be writing about Brexit and T may his name remain anat

  9. Cheri Cheri says:

    4.5 Stars God was dead to begin with And romance was dead Chivalry was dead Poetry, the novel, painting, they were all dead, and art was dead Theatre and cinema were both dead Literature was dead The book was dead Love was dead.Death was dead.A great many things were dead.Some, though, weren t, or weren t dead yet Imagine being haunted by the ghosts

  10. Wen Wen says:

    Ali Smith once again smitten me with the second installment of her Seasonal Quartet Winter, and left me in awe It will be among my top Christmas book recommendations going forward Well, I didn t get to read it until the U.S release after the new year The book was all about Christmas visiting family, guests, lights, snow, loads of food, holly, Christmas tree, but

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