Men, Love & Sex: The Complete User's Guide for Women

Men, Love & Sex: The Complete User's Guide for Women THIS IS THE BOOK THAT WILL COMPLETELY CHANGE THE WAY YOU THINK ABOUT MEN In this funny and fascinating guide for women, thousands of men confess what turns them on, what turns them off, and what turns for now into forever What makes a man fall in love Why do men really cheat What does he want in the bedroom What s the one thing that men crave in a relationship than anything else besides that The surprising and insightful answers to life s biggest relationship questions can be found here in the pages of MEN, LOVE SEX The Complete User s Guide for Women Using an exclusive Harris Interactive poll that surveyed than , men and women, Men s Health reditor in chief David Zinczenko and coauthor Ted Spiker have written the book that explains and decodes the male creature how they act, what they think, and what they want in their relationshipsWith shocking and never before seen statistics and powerful confessions, the New York Times bestselling authors present a modern survival guide for women into the inner workings of the male mind, explaining everything from why he clams up during a fight to the moment he knows he s found the one This indispensable guide will help women understand the men in their lives through every step of courtship first dates, fights, break ups, make ups, marriage, and everything else along the way so that women can break through and see what s happening inside the often bewildering male mind How With such features as Say This, Not That Perfect communication strategies for women to get what they want and to get men to open up Masculinity Mastered The surprising truths about men s feelings and how you can figure out exactly where he stands The Ultimate Male Decoder What it means when a man doesn t sleep over, when he gets insanely jealous, when he grunts during conversation, when he buys an appliance for a birthday gift along with insights into dozens of other male mysteries Wondering Woman Answers to women s most pressing questions about men Why can t he say he s sorry Why can t he fight like an adult Why can t he aim inside the toilet Men s brains, feelings and actions can be harder to interpret than abstract art So let MEN, LOVE SEX The Complete User s Guide for Women become your guide to navigating a relationship through all of its stages Once you know the secrets to the male mind, you ll be able to bridge the communication gaps that divide men and women You ll be able to strengthen the relationship you have now or use your new insights to find the perfect man for you In the end, you ll get better talks, better sex, better fighting, better understanding, better love, better relationships, and a better lifeFor the both of you

10 thoughts on “Men, Love & Sex: The Complete User's Guide for Women

  1. Lauriek Lauriek says:

    There are some good points in this no matter how often you find us at the door stamping our feet.we appreciate all you do to look good but, if you read it take it with a grain of salt True you don t want to jump to the negative, but don t sugar coat and believe everything he does is innocent as this book i

  2. Elizabeth Elizabeth says:

    Started out with great potential, but got hung up on the sex angle of men and relationships This was especially funny because early on in the book he goes on a bit of a tirade about the fact that men are not obsessed with sex I finally quite reading it the tone shifted from, ladies, here is a way to understan

  3. Suzanne Moore Suzanne Moore says:

    I don t know if I d really get much use out of this complete user s guide for women I don t recall any of the case studies in this guide having men over 35 There were a lot of very corny pick up lines in the examples of say this not that For instance, How would you like to play Simon Says blindfolded Really I gu

  4. Bowties&Paperairplanes Bowties&Paperairplanes says:

    Silly and juicy read itfor curiosity on the questions people were asking and responses After a book like this, I m often left wondering about the ways we socialize men and women sorry for the binary to respond to each other s needs and our own For instance, much information in this book states things like, if you a

  5. Srinivas Srinivad Srinivas Srinivad says:

    Like sex im hot man 9640833717 cal me aunites onl

  6. Indah Threez Lestari Indah Threez Lestari says:

    Biasanya aku jarang beli buku nonfiksi model begini, tapi karena obral murah meriah di Palmerah Barat, aku embat juga deh.Buku ini memberi pencerahan bagi kaum wanita untuk mengetahui bagaimana pria bertindak, apa yang ada dalam pikirannya, dan apa yang diinginkannya dari sebuah hubungan cinta Tapi buatku pribadi, member

  7. Deanna Deanna says:

    Men s Health r editor in chief David Zinczenko, uses his insightful research methods to solving one of the great challenges of the day helping women understand men From the first moment they meet, through every stage of courtship to the inevitable conclusion success or breakup Zinczenko outlines with vivid, compassionate, a

  8. Pascale Pascale says:

    One hesitates to call this a book, since it reads like one of those Ten Secrets to Make Your Man Crazy magazine articles Quick summary of the contents yes, we men are slobs, but we re lovable slobs, and you, women, hold the key to our hearts Yawn, yawn, boring Incidentally, I will add that there was no secret formula to fix an

  9. Pía López Copetti Pía López Copetti says:

    Quite interesting book The author does have a talent for getting us women to put into the men s mindset Perhaps it would be faruseful if it didn t focus so much on sex, cheating, etc but rather than on what truly men want from life to really feel happy It s not like all men are sex obsessed or cheaters on the making just my opini

  10. Christine Christine says:

    Entertaining, but not a book I would consult for advice It seemed to try and excuse poor behavior by men I get that men and women think and act differently, but most of this book just made me roll my eyes.

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