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Coven Of Magic PDF ↠ Coven Of  PDF or Two vampires, a werewolf, a wizard, and a gargoyle are charged with saving my race Sounds like the beginning to a bad joke, right If only I m Merry Young, the best demon hunter my kind has ever known Which I guess is why they asked me to save them all Like I m some kind of super hero, not the evil creature of the night the humans dream up in their fantasies If they only knew what actually hunts them Unfortunately I m neither of those things I m just a vampire But, when the disease that s killing us starts in on my daughter, I summon a strength I didn t know I had The guys and I must find the cure for what s plaguing the vampires I won t consider the alternative Because before I m a superhero, or a vampire, or whatever anyone thinks I am, I m a mother And I won t let the demons have my daughter The hunt is on And I never miss WARNING This book is a reverse harem, full of foul language, sex, violence, and other taboo content Coven of Magic Dec ,Break of Magic Coming FebKiss of Magic Coming April

10 thoughts on “Coven Of Magic

  1. TAM TAM says:

    This book had constant action not much character building Instant love but not much in the way of dirty scenes It was okay but I didn t feel any real connection with the characters.

  2. Monty Cupcake ☠ Queen of Bloodshed ☠ Monty Cupcake ☠ Queen of Bloodshed ☠ says:

    Eh Not for me.

  3. Jaime (Two Chicks on Books) Jaime (Two Chicks on Books) says:

    I really liked this one I loved that the MC was in her 30 s and her men were older as well She was also a pretty badass character and I loved the story Moving on to book 2

  4. Anne Anne says:

    I m feeling a lot torn up about this one Mostly because I can t decide whether I m going to full on dislike the heroine orjust try and understand herYes, at first, I do see a mature, independent woman in her A mother But later on, she just kind of fell flat A lot of frustration on my end because I keep having two sides on t

  5. C. Erani Kole C. Erani Kole says:

    2.5 for me I loved the idea and I could ve enjoyed the plot a lotif it weren t for the MC Not only did I not click with her, she didn t make sense to me She s one of the greatest hunters in the supernatural world with a massive reputation but it didn t seem believable when she d get caughtthan once Her attitude wasn t very end

  6. T. T. says:

    Here s 2.99 and a couple of hours of my time I will never get back The good reviews for this book boggle my mind as I couldn t get past the 46 percent mark Merry was an unlikable protagonist vain, rude, confrontational, and disrespectful of everyone Merry makes remarks such as Four men and a woman We d never get anything done We

  7. Kayla Pipkin Kayla Pipkin says:

    I had pre ordered this book after seeing it posted in a Facebook group for the RH genre.I love how so many new books are coming out and this one piqued my interest a lot since it was dealing with urban fantasy.Urban Fantasy Paranormal is my go to genre when I m in a slump and looking for something new to read and this book didn t di

  8. Kelly Stepp Kelly Stepp says:

    This was my first reverse harem read and I was pleasantly surprised I wasn t quite sure what to expect but it flowed so naturally and was so well constructed that I almost forgot it was RH at times The story line was full of mystery, action, love and spirit and I was immediately sucked in until the end and I m still guessing who s the

  9. Marissa Marissa says:

    Great Story, Execution OkayI really liked the diversity of paranormal species in this book I also really appreciated the strong Mother Daughter bond in the story I just felt there was too much inner monologue from the heroine, it slowed down a lot of the action I also found some editing problems, so those should be addressed and the book

  10. Mary Brannian Mary Brannian says:

    Coven Of MagicWhat do two female vampires have in common with a werewolf, a magician, a gargoyle and a charmer Simple They have to save the world as they know it Merry, a huntress vampire, is devastated when her vampire daughter, Sara, is struck down by a mystery plague Desperate for a cure, Merry teams up with Ike, Edthar, Oscar and Levi in

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