A Dictionary of Alchemical Imagery PDF õ A Dictionary

A Dictionary of Alchemical Imagery PDF õ A Dictionary This dictionary documents alchemical symbolism from the early centuries AD to the late twentieth century, for use by historians of literary culture, philosophy, science and the visual arts, and readers interested in alchemy and hermeticism Each entry includes a definition of the symbol, giving the literal physical and figurative spiritual meanings, an example of the symbol used in alchemical writing, and a quotation from a literary source There are fifty visual images of graphic woodcuts, copperplate engravings and hand painted emblems, some reproduced here for the first time.

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  1. Brian Brian says:

    Very much like Shakespeare s Bawdy, only without all the embarrassing discovery of realizing that most of the greatest playwright in the western world is intensely inappropriate By contrast, Luther said, The science of alchymy I like very well, and indeed, tis

  2. Katherine Sas Katherine Sas says:

    A hugely informative and lucid guide to classical, medieval, and modern alchemical imagery This is one for every literary scholar to have on their shelf.

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  4. Sienna Sienna says:

    I went ahead and purchased a copy of this it is a tremendous resource for anyone examining chymical texts Some descriptions would benefit from elaboration elucidation I hope someone has a revised, significantly expanded version in the works.

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