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➽ Night Flight Download ➺ Author Derek Milman – Pv1.info On The Run From The FBI.Targeted By A Murderous Cult.Labeled A Cyber Terrorist By The Media.Irritated Texts From His Best Friend.Eye Contact With A Nice Looking Guy On The Train.Aidan Has A Lot To Deal With, And He S Not Quite Sure Which Takes Top Priority.Finding Himself Alone In A Posh New York City Hotel Room For The Night, Aidan Does What Any Red Blooded Seventeen Year Old Would Do He Tries To Hook Up With Someone New But That Lapse In Judgement Leads To Him Waking Up Next To A Dead Guy, Which Sparks An Epic Case Of Mistaken Identity That Puts Aidan On The Run From Everyone Faceless Federal Agents, His Eccentric Family, And, Naturally, A Cyber Terrorist Group Who Will Stop At Nothing To Find Him.He Soon Realizes The Only Way To Stop The Chase Is To Deliver The Object Everyone Wants, Before He Gets Caught Or Killed But For Aidan, The Hardest Part Is Knowing Who He Can Trust Not To Betray Him Including Himself.

10 thoughts on “Night Flight

  1. Chelsea Humphrey Chelsea Humphrey says:

    If you pre order this book between now and publication day, be sure to submit proof of purchase HERE for your free goodies May you be in heaven a full half

  2. Dennis Dennis says:

    Alright everyone who thinks I don t like young adult novels Swipe Right for Murder is living proof that I do in fact stumble across a few over the years that I lo

  3. Jeffrey Keeten Jeffrey Keeten says:

    Hello A pause And who am I speaking with The voice is steely, smiling.My lips are tingling I don t know what to say Should I give my real name A fake name I don t know why I just

  4. Kai Kai says:

    me reading this gay thriller about waking up next to your super hot and definitely dead hook up from last night

  5. Nilufer Ozmekik Nilufer Ozmekik says:

    Three point 4 so no chance to round it up to 4, full of action, fast reading, some parts are really enjoyable , facts about LGBTQ community and their struggles are so true and gave all my points for

  6. Larry H Larry H says:

    Swipe Right for Murder is utterly preposterous, possibly prescient than I d like to acknowledge, and immensely sensitive It s an homage to classic films where the mostly innocent man finds himself cau

  7. Patty (IheartYA) Patty (IheartYA) says:

    I did not intend to read this book in a day and a half It was an accident, I swear, and it was all the book s fault I m a big fan of Scream All Night so I had high hopes for Swipe Right for Murder and it surely did not

  8. Derek Milman Derek Milman says:

    10 30 18 Just saw the new cover It s awesome Will be revealed soon 10 20 18 This is my next book It s a Hitchcockian LGBTQ YA thriller, out from Little, Brown Jimmy Patterson onAugust 6, 2019 I should have ARCs by the end of the

  9. Stephanie (That& Stephanie (That& says:

    4.5I loved Derek s firt novel, Scream All Night so I was very excited to read his latest YA thriller Swipe Right for Murder It s described as a Hitchcockian mistaken identity caper which I thought was accurate This book is such a good time

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