10 thoughts on “A Mother's Love

  1. Sandra Sandra says:

    What a beautiful book of love,war,friendship and family Ellie is young when she loses the one person she loves beyond measure and then to have work so hard to pay the rent on the only home she has ever had.Then disgusting landlord Sid tries to take her innocence but she escapes and finds safety on Connor Murray s uncles farm.As she settles in to her new home she learns how to c

  2. mois reads mois reads says:

    LoveA mother s love is the one thing that keeps Ellie going in the courts but then her mother dies and she goes to live on a farm and picks up her life again but her mother s love is still around her a great book 5 stars

  3. Layla Ashby Layla Ashby says:

    Just didn t do it for me this book didn t have the same appeal as when Katie was writing Had to abandon.

  4. Patricia Morrison Patricia Morrison says:

    Chilled read Great little story of WW2, happy ending for a child who had it rough when she was young Ellie is a great string character

  5. cathy skely mcdonough cathy skely mcdonough says:

    Cathy skely huyton, says what a lovely book of war, laughter, tears romance great read i could not wait to get to bed or home from shops to find out what was happening with the gang xxx

  6. c m bolton c m bolton says:

    LavenderI choice give star rating as from the first page I haven t been able to out it down It s a fabulous story with fabulous characters A must read.x

  7. Annemarie Farthing Annemarie Farthing says:


  8. Trudie Trudie says:

    I have to say that I really enjoyed this, very likeable characters and a good story which flowed really well 1 thing though, what happened to the cat

  9. charlotte charlotte says:

    Brilliant Could not put the book down an excellent read Totally enjoyed the book and felt I knew the characters in the book

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