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In Her Shadow Kindle Ó In Her  Kindle - Isabel s life seemed perfect Successful business, beautiful house, adoring husband And then she was deadFor four years Jessica has never doubted that her sister Isabel s death was an accident But when Jessica s young daughter seems to know long forgotten details about her aunt s past, Jessica can t shake the feeling that there s a sinister truth behind the tragedyAs Jessica unearths disturbing revelations about her sister, and about the people she loved and trusted most, it becomes clear Isabel s life was less than perfect and that Jessica s might also be at riskDid someone murder Isabel Are they now after Jessica and her family The key seems to lie in the hands of a child Can Isabel reveal the truth from beyond the grave, or is the answer closer to home In Her Shadow is a gripping tale of family secrets, lies and obsession from the two million copy bestselling author Mark Edwards

10 thoughts on “In Her Shadow

  1. Kylie D Kylie D says:

    Another whirlwind of a book by Mark Edwards It sees Jessica s 4yo daughter Olivia start to mention things that her Aunt Izzy has told her, things that only Izzy and Jessica would know, except Izzy died before Olivia was born, in what police ruled as an accident As Olivia comes out withandbombshells, now about the day that Izzy died, Jessica starts to think that there wasto

  2. Meredith Meredith says:

    3.5 starsThis is a frustrating review to write because there s so much I want to say, but can t because I don t want to give anything awayJessica has always believed in ghosts, so much so she believed that she was being haunted when she was a child So when her 4 year old Olivia daughter starts relaying messages from her deceased Aunt Izzy, Jessica is beyond spooked Jessica s sister

  3. Jennifer ~ TarHeelReader Jennifer ~ TarHeelReader says:

    Wow, my first book from Mark Edwards is a solid winner A tale of two sisters Isabel is young and successful, and one day, she is found dead after an accident Years later, Jessica is still reeling from her sister s death when her young daughter, Olivia, mentions secrets about Isabel s past, things she shouldn t know With that discovery, Jessica senses that there has to be somethingto the stor

  4. Matt Matt says:

    First and foremost, a large thank you to NetGalley, Mark Edwards, and Thomas Mercer for providing me with a copy of this publication, which allows me to provide you with an unbiased review Mark Edwards is back with another spine chilling novel that takes the reader inside the eerie world of communication with the afterlife, yet another branch of psychological thrillers Jessica is the proud mother of

  5. Christine Christine says:

    Dear Mr Edwards,Well, Mr E, I have to hand it to you I have read 7 of your 8 novels, and number 8 is the best of all That s saying a lot, as The Magpies and Follow You Home are pretty magnificent Actually 6 of your books have earned 5 big gold stars from me Now before you get all pleased with yourself, this one was only perfect, not perfectly perfect.First some good stuff I have to say I have never dissected

  6. Mackenzie - PhDiva Books Mackenzie - PhDiva Books says:

    Eerie and gripping I have come to look forward to the new Mark Edwards books the way I look forward to Fridays or crawling in bed after a long day They are always tantalizing and well written, and they captivate my interest until the very last page Mark Edwards is a master of the suspense genre His books always have that vague sense of uneasiness over them wondering what exactly is going on And I love the spooky ghost

  7. Debra Debra says:

    Jessica s sister, Isabel, Izzy died four years ago and Jessica has never doubted the coroner s finding that her sister s death was an accident But when her four year old daughter, Olivia, begins mentioning things, things that only Jessica and her sister knew, Jessica becomes concerned Is her daughter interested in death because of her age and she is beginning to understand what that means Is she curious about the Aunt she neve

  8. Paromjit Paromjit says:

    Mark Edwards writes what is often a chilling and creepy psychological thriller with elements of the paranormal Jessica always felt accustomed to the idea that she was living in the shadows of herglamorous older sister, Isabel Izzy Almost five years ago, Isabel died after falling off the balcony of her luxurious apartment The police deemed it to be an accident, but was it Living an ordinary life as a mum, Jessica, still traumatised by I

  9. Melisa Melisa says:

    There was no cover art on Netgalley, nor was there a description, but I saw the words Mark Edwards and hit request so fast

  10. Felicia Felicia says:

    2.5 StarsReading the synopsis for this book didn t make it clear that, in addition to being a possible murder mystery, this is a ghost story at heart Had I realized this, I would have never chosen it to read The creepy kid talks to ghost and relays information the child couldn t possibly know is a tired premise and one that I ve never enjoyed The story follows Jessica, mother of said creepy child and sister to Isabel, the possible victim, on her crusade

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