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Split Tooth PDF á Kindle Edition From the internationally acclaimed Inuit throat singer who has dazzled and enthralled the world with music it had never heard before, a fierce, tender, heartbreaking story unlike anything you ve ever readFact can be as strange as fiction It can also be as dark, as violent, as rapturous In the end, there may be no difference between themA girl grows up in Nunavut in the s She knows joy, and friendship, and parents love She knows boredom, and listlessness, and bullying She knows the tedium of the everyday world, and the raw, amoral power of the ice and sky, the seductive energy of the animal world She knows the ravages of alcohol, and violence at the hands of those she should be able to trust She sees the spirits that surround her, and the immense power that dwarfs all of us When she becomes pregnant, she must navigate all thisVeering back and forth between the grittiest features of a small arctic town, the electrifying proximity of the world of animals, and ravishing world of myth, Tanya Tagaq explores a world where the distinctions between good and evil, animal and human, victim and transgressor, real and imagined lose their meaning, but the guiding power of love remainsHaunting, brooding, exhilarating, and tender all at once, Tagaq moves effortlessly between fiction and memoir, myth and reality, poetry and prose, and conjures a world and a heroine readers will never forget

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    Tanya Tagaq is just such a goddamn gem And I don t know what to even say about this book of hers.I feel like I didn t understand half of this book, because so much of it is written in lyrical poetry and I ve never been one to digest poetry well But I also feel like my mind just sucked everything right up and I somehow, naturally, just get it.I feel like I didn t enjoy reading this in the usual sense, but at the same time I m grateful for having done so.This book is powerful It s strange It Tanya Tagaq is j

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    Now also available in German EisfuchsWhile listening to the audiobook, I was reminded of Bj rk, and then I found out that Inuk throat singer Tanya Tagaq has actually worked with her on Med lla and the Vespertine World Tour That said, you can obviously expect something unconventional and genre defying when picking up Tagaq s debut as a writer and while Split Tooth was longlisted for the Giller Prize which is awarded to Canadian novels or short story collections, you could also perceive this Now also available in

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    This book defies categorization, being unlike anything I have ever read This is visceral storytelling It has been long listed for the Giller Prize The author, Tanya Tagaq, is an award winning Inuit throat singer If you are unfamiliar with her strange, unworldly music, I urge you to visit YouTube There are videos of her performing, and most interestingly a video where she describes and demonstrates how she makes the various sounds in her music Here she paints word pictures ranging from the This book defies categorizati

  5. Ilana Ilana says:

    A Terrible BeautyAnother reviewer mentioned this book should contain a trigger warning for sexual abuse I concurShould I put down my initial reactions to this book now I ve just finished listening to it Or should I take time to digest it a little so I can be sure not to say anything off colour Most people seem to agree this book is brilliant I suppose it is It s raw It s brutal It speaks of the natural world in a beautiful way It also speaks of the natural world as seen from the poin A Terrible BeautyAnother reviewer mentio

  6. Leah Grantham Leah Grantham says:

    Truth be told, I don t care for about half of the Indigenous fiction or poetry that gets taken up by CanLit It s often overly cloying, or tragedy porn, or written with a white audience in mind, or sometimes it s just not my cup of tea Split Tooth though, is none of these Split Tooth is a brutal, unflinching, magical, beautiful, grounded beauty of a book It belongs on the shelves of anyone who likes Chrystos or Eden Robinson or other authors who know how to paraphrasing the book here put th Truth be told, I don t care for about ha

  7. Jacob Kolody Jacob Kolody says:

    This novel was filled to the brim with beautiful imagery and poetic prose, but in trying to present everything as beautifully as Tanya Tagaq did, all sense of a narrative was lost When I finally closed this book, I realized I had been transfixed by these 180 pages and ended up not understanding a single thing that happened This novel was magical in the way a magician plucking a rose out of thin air is The rose is exciting and beautiful but once the trick is done and you re left holding the fl This novel was filled to the brim with beau

  8. Dan Dan says:

    In Split Tooth, Tanya Tagaq blasts through boundaries between the natural and the supernatural, reality and fantasy, the present and the past, and humans and other animals Split Tooth alternates between prose and poetry, and Tagaq s language is spare and lovely Tagaq tells a liminal yet linear story of a teen Inuk girl in a small village in far north Nunavut, where both adults and teens seek escape in alcohol and substance abuseIt s a Bring Your Own Solvents party and I want to let the colo In Split Tooth, Tanya Tagaq blasts through boundari

  9. Shawn Mooney (Shawn The Book Maniac) Shawn Mooney (Shawn The Book Maniac) says:

    Did 90% of this on audio and there was no possible way I could bring myself to endure the remainder Tagaq s breathy, incantatory audio narration works so powerfully for the incantational pieces here and there, and the throat singing was to die for, but she never ever varies that tone and it drove me up the effing wall listening to the most prosaic details of these stories told to me as if they were shamanic prayers I am done.

  10. Christine Christine says:

    In 2001, I first saw Inuit art I mean real and in person And, I fell in love with it It was telling a story, even though I might not know what that story was, but it was still telling a story So, I started to read up on the culture I developed a taste for Inuit throat singing Eventually, I heard about Tanya Tagaq, when she won the Polaris award I got the album Uja is one my all time favorite pieces of music When I found out that Tagaq had a book coming out, I had to pre order it Sp In 2001, I first saw Inuit art I mean real and in person And, I fell in

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