8 thoughts on “25 Fun Things to Do Outside

  1. Etienne Etienne says:

    I respect what the author want and try to do, but this isn t a good book The activities are really basic, kids and parents could think of that without any help and some of them just don t work depending on where you re living, and some could be done anywhere outside or inside, so Good intention but poor execution.

  2. Alicia Bayer Alicia Bayer says:

    This is definitely a book to get from the library, as you ll probably feel pretty cheated if you spend the money on it yourself It s a rather random list of things that kids can do to unplug outside, with stock photos and simple directions.The list Camp out, build a campfire, find Orion, go on a hike, pick up trash, go crabbi

  3. ***Book Lady *** ***Book Lady *** says:

    Some great ideas for doing outside for kids I liked the outside shelter, treasure hunt, paint like Pollack and the bird feeding pine cones Some of the ideas were really basic, like taking a walk, and a picnic It gave me a few ideas of things I want to try with my granddaughter.

  4. Teresa Edmunds Teresa Edmunds says:

    Anything that encourages kids to put down the electronics and go explore catches my eye Mason gives 4 good reasons to get outdoors The 25 things to do are hit and miss 7 Take Your Friends on a Treasure Hunt shines it is clever and includes good step by step instructions on how to make a treasure hunt Others, like 5 Go on a Hike lacks originali

  5. Smoot M.L. Smoot M.L. says:

    The activities were not things that all students can do because of location of where they might live or financial ability to get to certain locations Yes, we can all go on a picnic, learn to yodel, play a game of cat attack but the other activities were not conducive to general population or populations that don t have access to materials or places It

  6. Jane Jane says:

    Paul Mason has a nice idea to keep young people engaged in his 25 Fun Things to do Outside I especially liked the ideas of learning to yodel, painting like Pollock, and playing a song on the Ukulele in addition to the standbys of going for a picnic and hiking.

  7. Helena Helena says:

    Thank you Netgalley for providing this ARC in exchange for an honest review.I thought some of the ideas like setting up camp and building a shelter out of branches and leaves were useful But the author also included very basic activities like taking pictures of birds and going on a picnic that weren t as creative I liked the pictures but the book could have included bet

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