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[PDF / Epub] ✩ Toxic Game (GhostWalkers, #15)  ☉ Christine Feehan – Pv1.info On A Rescue Mission In The Heart Of The Indonesian Jungle, Dr Draden Freeman And His GhostWalker Team Need To Extract The Wounded As Quickly As Possible Or Risk Spreading A Deadly Virus Unleashed By A Terrorist Cell When Draden Gets Infected, He Forces His Team To Leave Him Behind He Won T Risk Exposing Anyone Else He Intends To Find The Ones Responsible And Go Out In A Blaze Of Glory.Shylah Cosmos S Mission Is To Track The Virus And Remain Unseen Her Enhanced Senses Tell Her That The Gorgeous Man Eradicating The Terrorists One By One Is A GhostWalker And His Lethal Precision Takes Her Breath Away When He S Hit By A Lucky Shot, She Can T Stop Herself From Stepping In, Not Knowing That By Saving His Life She S Exposed Herself To The Virus.There S No Telling How Much Time Draden And Shylah Have Left Racing To Find A Cure, They Quickly Realize That They Ve Found Their Perfect Partner Just In Time To Lose Everything But Even As The Virus Threatens To Consume Their Bodies, They Ve Never Felt Alive. Great book, great read, really enjoyed these two, and near the ending was something interesting, and I can t wait to see how it s going to play out in future books It was all about the missionand survival Toxic Game is book 15 in Christine Feehan outstanding series, Ghostwalkers Dr Draden Freeman and soldier assassin Shylah Peony Cosmos take center stage as the latest and top notch GW pair Draden is infected with an ebola like, fatal virus while on a mission with his team to shut down a terrorist group in Indonesia The terror group is brutal and used the fatal virus, concocted by three rogue scientists previously on Dr Whitney s payroll, to wipe out an entire village Now these rogue scientist are trying to create a biochemical weapon for an even sinister reason.Shylah Peony Cosmos was sent by Whitney to eliminate the three rogue scientist when her and Draden s paths cross Shylah follows the lone Ghostwalker as he systematically takes out members of the MSS terror team When Drayden is injured and falls into a river, Shylah rescues him and gives him mouth to mouth resuscitationand possibly becoming infected by the fatal virus From this point on, these 4.75 stars.I love this series Usually, once it published I binge immediately.But I kind of reluctant to start this one when I realised where this story location happened.You see, many authors love to write bad stuff of places or people which they don t familiar with, well Hollywood love that stuff too However, I can see Ms Feehan worked very hard with her research department to give us as accurate as possible how to portray the locals life and what the part of this Island looks like Especially the way she wrote about the weather, it was really hot and Latest installment in the GhostWalker series two GhostWalkers, Draden and Shylah, stuck in enemy territory and both of them infected with a lethal virus How to get out of that impossible situation without succumbing to a horrible death The GhostWalkers are soldiers whose DNAs have been altered, making them stronger, faster absolutely lethal The mad scientist, Whitney, who made them that way without their consent is hell bent on using them, supposedly for the good of the country and he sees them as weapons instead of human beings Yeah, you can t rationalize crazy He has no qualms about manipulating them to get what he wants I really, really hope he gets his comeuppance soon Despite his machiavellic machinations, the GhostWalkers rallied together and the set up a code to live by.When Draden got infected during his latest mission, he did the right thing, the honorable thing a scene that was poignant with the impact of his decision and in doing so, he condemned himself to a vicious death He was resigned to dying alone, resigned to how horrific his last momen

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