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PDF ✩ The Flight Girls  Author Noelle Salazar – Pv1.info A Stunning Story About The Women Airforce Service Pilots Whose Courage During World War II Turned Ordinary Women Into Extraordinary Heroes1941 Audrey Coltrane Has Always Wanted To Fly It S Why She Implored Her Father To Teach Her At The Little Airfield Back Home In Texas It S Why She Signed Up To Train Military Pilots In Hawaii When The War In Europe Began And It S Why She Insists She Is Not Interested In Any Dream Derailing Romantic Involvements, Even With The Disarming Lieutenant James Hart, Who Fast Becomes A Friend As Treasured As The Women She Flies With Then One Fateful Day, She Gets Caught In The Air Over Pearl Harbor Just As The Bombs Begin To Fall, And Suddenly, Nowhere Feels Safe.To Make Everything She S Lost Count For Something, Audrey Joins The Women Airforce Service Pilots Program The Bonds She Forms With Her Fellow Pilots Reignite A Spark Of Hope In The Face War, And When James Goes Missing In Action Give Audrey The Strength To Cross The Front Lines And Fight Not Only For Her Country, But For The Love She Holds So Dear.Shining A Light On A Little Known Piece Of History, The Flight Girls Is A Sweeping Portrayal Of Women S Fearlessness, Love, And The Power Of Friendship To Make Us Soar. So here we have the American Cousin of the equally awful Spitfire Girls, whose pilots were consumed by romantic fantasies and getting their lipstick on correctly.I suppose this dreadful and ultimately insulting drivel featuring a collection of ubiquitous Girds will cont Fascinating, touching entertaining THE FLIGHT GIRLS by NOELLE SALAZAR is an enlightening, powerful and emotionally compelling historical fiction novel that has us following along fictionalized character, Audrey Coltrane and her involvement in the WASP program Women Airforce Service Pilots during World War II NOELLE SALAZAR delivers an excellent, heartfelt, intriguing and well written read here with wonderful, relatable, and well developed characters The story is told from the first person perspective of our main character, Audrey Coltrane and I absolutely loved her voice She definitely captured my attention and my heart as well as the other WASP women The bond that these women shared was absolutely beautiful and I absolutely loved and admired how courageous and brave they were.At times I felt that this storyline was simplified and rushed a little bit though because there was this strong romantic theme that I wasn t really expecting and sort of took away from the main historical story for me In the end though I was able to put all my concerns aside and had me rooting for a happy ending for Audrey and James.Norma s Stats Cover My ARC didn t come with the actual cover design so I feel that I am unable to actu 3.5 StarsThe Flight Girls makes for an inspiring, lighter historical fiction that explores the dynamics between the characters rather than the historical events to the story The story focuses on one women s strength and will to follow her passion here with our well developed main character Audrey Coltrane Her passion leads her to joining the relatively unknown, Women Airforce Service Pilots WASP during WWII Noelle Salazar does a great job here dramatizing the camaraderie as she explores the compelling friendships between the women of the WASP She adds some romance here as well for Audrey that added a bit drama than I would have liked I love stories that focus on the strong women of WWII and Noelle Salazar sure delivers here with these women who each have joined the WASP for their own reasons I enjoyed the dynamics here and the connections formed between the women and was drawn into their world I could feel the emotional depth of the story here with the women s strength and fears as a team as well as Audrey s own emotions I could visualize what it might have been like for the real strong and courageous pilots I highly recommend for a lighter historical fiction that is inspired by the real women pilots Thank you so much to Eden at Harlequin Trade Publishing Mira Books and Noelle Salazar for gifting me a copy of th 4 stars Adventurous, heart wrenching and inspiring Audrey Coltrane is a young female pilot whose passion for flying started when she was a child When the war begins, she signs up to train military pilots knowing she is helping her country prepare for what may come Facing constant criticism and stereotyping, she is proud of her career and the adventures she gets to take while doing something she loves This story is inspired by the real team of female pilots who trained soldiers in WWII I loved Audrey s character She was intriguing and heart warming her immense bravery was shocking and inspiring Though I found her journey to be predictable at times, it kept me engrossed and interested throughout The writing flowed beautifully and was well paced There is a strong romance theme underlying the main

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