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[KINDLE] ✽ Acts of Contrition  Author Elena Graf – Pv1.info World War II Has Finally Come To An End And Berlin Has Fallen Nearly Everything Margarethe Has Sworn To Protect Has Been Lost After Being Brutally Abused By Occupying Russian Soldiers, Margarethe Must Rely On The Kindness Of Her Friends To Survive Fortunately, The American Army Has Brought Her Former Protege, Sarah Weber, Back To Berlin As Margarethe Confronts Painful Events That Occurred During The War, She Must Learn Both To Forgive And Be Forgiven

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  1. Corrie Corrie says:

    When Elena Graf sends you an advanced copy of her latest novel in the Passing Rites series I know that whilst I am doing a little happy dance in front of the computer, she will as soon as I start reading rip out my heart, stomp on it a few times and then meticulously put it back together again And when you come out the other end that poor abused organ fe

  2. Cindy Stein Cindy Stein says:

    I was provided a copy of this book before it was published.This is the final book in the series that focuses on the life of Margarethe von Stahle, a German countess and renown surgeon This book takes place after WWII in 1946 47 and focuses primarily on the character arc of Margarethe as she begins a new relationship in ...

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