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★ Revelaciones (eLit) PDF / Epub ✪ Author Janice Kay Johnson – Pv1.info Ann Caldwell No Sab A Qui N Era Realmente Hab A Crecido Obsesionada Con La Idea De Ganarse La Aprobaci N De Su Padre, Pero Nunca Lo Hab A Conseguido De Peque A Hab A Sido Demasiado Femenina Y De Adulta No Era Lo Bastante Mujer Incluso Se Hab A Hecho Polic A Para Satisfacerlo Pero Ahora Que Su Padre Ya No Estaba, Ann Se Hab A Dado Cuenta Del Vac O De Su Vida Deseaba Enamorarse, Pero No Ten A La Menor Idea De C Mo Llegar A Un Hombre, Sobre Todo Si Se Trataba De Su Compa Ero, Juan D Az, Que Jam S Le Hab A Prestado La Menor Atenci NMientras Trataba De Encontrar Su Camino En El Mundo, Ann Iba A Tener Que Descubrir Qui N Se Estaba Dedicando A Matar Polic As D Az Y Ella Tendr An Que Resolver El Caso Antes De Que Muriera Alguien M S

10 thoughts on “Revelaciones (eLit)

  1. Paula Paula says:

    Likable characters in Ann Caldwell and Juan Diaz who are police detectives and partners who find themselves falling in love Interesting mystery involving accidental cop deaths that just might turn out to be murder instead of accidents A sweet romance along with a good mystery made this an entertaining and enjoyable read.

  2. Kay Kay says:

    4 Stars Ann Caldwell had just made detective when her cop father died in a car accident All her life she d tried to make him proud, but instead of praise all she had ever received was harsh criticism Ann had received an awakening when she d discovered her father had run a shoddy investigation and prejudged Craig Dofgren Mommy Said Goodbye of murder

  3. Leslie Leslie says:

    This is a follow up story to Johnson s Mommy Said Goodbye You can read my review here The heroine of Revelations, Ann Caldwell, is a cop just like her father In MSG, Ann followed in her father s footsteps when it came to hounding Craig Lofgren, hero of MSG Now Ann has realized her father wasn t the cop she thought he was She s moved on but still trying

  4. Saly Saly says:

    In Mommy Said Goodbye, I didn t like Ann who was a minor character investigating the hero based on her dead cop father s notes but she redeemed herself by chasing the truth instead in this book I loved Ann, her dedication to her job, her insecurity when it came to being a woman since she was raised by a cold father spent her life trying to please him.Juan wa

  5. AsteropĂȘ AsteropĂȘ says:

    3.5 This book is connected to , where the heroine was the detective investigating the hero in that book I didn t like her so much in the beginning of Mommy Said Goodbye, but as that book went on, I could see her beginning to transform a bit Her transformation continued in this book, which focused on her and her partner, Juan Diaz I think this book is well titled

  6. Gail Gail says:

    The heroine is a tomboy who was raised by a father who really didn t like girls She became a cop in hopes of earning his respect, but now he s dead, and her chance is gone She is at a funeral of one of her dad s buddies when it occurs to her that, counting her father, a lot of his close friends have died in bizarre accidents So she and her partner, a divorced dad, sta

  7. Hazel Hazel says:

    Really good Book

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