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[PDF] ↠ The Sleepers of Erin (Lovejoy, #7)  Author Jonathan Gash – Pv1.info Lovejoy, The Connoisseur Of Antiques And All Around Scamp, Embarks On A Madcap Search For A Priceless Celtic Antique.Half A Jump Behind Him Are A Couple Of Mayhem Minded Antiques Dealers, A Woman Of Extraordinary Beautiy With Brains To Match, And A Motley Crew Of Interested Parties, Including The Police Assault, False Arrest, Kidnapping, Blackmail, And Murder All Add To The High Cost Of Finding And Keeping An Antique That Only Lovejoy Can Recognize With Time Out, Of Course, For A Romantic Interlude Every Now And Then, Lovejoy Nobly Fights To Hold On To The Treasure And His Life.

10 thoughts on “The Sleepers of Erin (Lovejoy, #7)

  1. Susan Susan says:

    Lovejoy, the anti hero protagonist of this mystery series, is involved in yet another antiques scam, this time in Ireland It s been years since I read a Lovejoy story, and I didn t remember Lovejoy or the series as this violent, with numerous accidents , serious injuries, and deaths.

  2. Jacob Chinchen Jacob Chinchen says:

    Right, I need to explain something here, lest you other users of Good Reads think I am some sort of ne er do well I have rated this book one star higher than the last Lovejoy escapade that I read In the review for that one I mentioned that, aside from a thought about it in paragraph two, Lovejoy did

  3. Mark Mark says:

    There is Lovejoy minding his own business enjoying post coital bliss late at night in a church when some collegues in the trade attempt to rob the church of its valuables When Lovejoy attempts to stop the robbery he ends up in hospital and being a suspect of the robbery, since the real robbers were friendly en

  4. Susan Susan says:

    This Lovejoy mystery follows the same formula in a previous entry, The Vatican Rip, in that some unsavory people convince Lovejoy to help them out with acquiring an antique This one also takes place in a different place other than England, though I didn t get as strong a sense of place as I did from Vatican.As much as I

  5. Tom Tom says:

    not impressed confusing.

  6. Janice Janice says:

    I enjoy both the Lovejoy TV series and the books, though they have a surprisingly different feel to them The books are quite a bit grittier TV Lovejoy is the proverbial scamp with a heart of gold The book Lovejoy is too in a way, but ...

  7. Erin Erin says:

    Per the cover blurb it s a Lovejoy Novel of Suspense Lovejoy is an antique dealer who gets himself mixed up in some kinda shenanigans He s not the sharpest bulb in the shed, but he figures it out Except he doesn t Then he doe...

  8. Denise Denise says:

    This was the first Lovejoy mystery I have read I was put off by the character of Lovejoy I don t like the way he treats women, and he is unreasonably violent However, the story itself was good and kept me interested, and it had some good twists, which I always like The informati...

  9. Austen Austen says:

    One of the best Lovejoy adventures I have picked up Moves along better than some of Gash s others Great race through Ireland with the usual despicably idle rich snobs using Lovejoy s talents to their own ends, and Lovejoy doing his best just to keep his neck above water or mud, in this case.

  10. David David says:

    Fairly good mystery set in the antique trade

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