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The Galapagos Affair eBook Í The Galapagos  PDF \ Over half a century ago fanciful and exotic stories began to appear in the world s press about settlers on the remote Galapagos island of Floreana The tales were of nudism, free love communes, stainless steel dentures a latter day Garden of Eden But the truth was even stranger Friedrich Ritter, an eccentric German intellectual, and his long suffering companion Dora Strauch, were the first arrivals Once established, they were soon joined by others Most bizarre and dangerous was the self styled Baroness Wagner Bosquet She ruled her three young male lovers with a riding crop, a pearl handled revolver and insatiable sexual demands terrorising other settlers Her mysterious disappearance and the discovery of unidentified bodies on a nearby island perplexed the world Now The Galapagos Affair unravels the whole incredible story

10 thoughts on “The Galapagos Affair

  1. Nancy Oakes Nancy Oakes says:

    read in AprilI ve posted about this book, along with the two others mentioned here which should actually be read together for acomplete picture at my reading journal If, however, you re at all interested, Treherne s account will still make sense without having to read the others, since he quite deftly summarizes both memoirs without leaving out anything

  2. Carolyn Carolyn says:

    3.5 stars Last week I watched an excellent documentary film, The Galapagos Affair Satan Came to Eden I had read this book twenty years ago while visiting the Galapagos as well as some other books about the unusual people and bizarre events that occurred there involving the earliest settlers to the dry volcanic island of Floreana I wanted to re read the book as th

  3. Meredith Meredith says:

    I suspect that the odd characters in this book have been obscured by the momentous events that immediately followed their escapades, making them merely footnotes in world history I can t say anythingprofound about this book except that I hope never to meet anyone remotely resembling any of the denizens of this island.

  4. Tony Tony says:

    Floreana is one of the islands in Judith Schalansky s Atlas of Remote Islands, the scene of murder, suicide, or some unexplained events The Galapagos Affair she called it That rang a bell And, yes, I had indeed purchased The Galapagos Affair during a Darwinian phase I went through It had been waiting patiently and unread on a shelf.Ever get in the mood where you ve had enough Enou

  5. Heather Heather says:

    So, people were completely crazy even back in the 1930s I ll go with what Paul Theroux had to say about this book This is a brilliant tale of mysteryIt has a sex mad baroness, a crackpot philosopher, a number of pirates, some pioneers and some nudists It also has deaths and disappareances and mayhem and a man who believes it is possible to live exclusively on figs If you ve visited the Gal

  6. Mary Mary says:

    Read while sailing around the Galapagos Islands, fascinating.

  7. J Shaskan J Shaskan says:

    Interesting, but a little too detailed and long.

  8. Carol-Anne Carol-Anne says:

    This is an odd little story of a group of people living on the Galapagos in the 1930 s Stranger than fiction the book details the drama on the island of different personalities with their own vision of Eden It was an engaging read.

  9. Mark Mark says:

    I m trying to follow my friend s lead and rate each book according to Goodread s standards 3 stars I liked it Even though I was anticipating really liking or even thinking it was amazing I may have to check outbooks in the Robinsonade genre soon.

  10. Carrie Carrie says:

    This is truly a stranger than fiction book Simply unbelievable and written in a very engaging style.

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