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!!> KINDLE ➛ Mañanaland ❥ Author Pam Muñoz Ryan – Pv1.info Maximiliano C Rdoba Loves Stories, Especially The Legend Buelo Tells Him About A Mythical Gatekeeper Who Can Guide Brave Travelers On A Journey Into TomorrowIf Max Could See Tomorrow, He Would Know If He D Make Santa Maria S Celebrated F Tbol Team And Whether He D Ever Meet His Mother, Who Disappeared When He Was A Baby He Longs To Know About Her, But Pap Won T Talk So When Max Uncovers A Buried Family Secret Involving An Underground Network Of Guardians Who Lead People Fleeing A Neighboring Country To Safety He Decides To Seek Answers On His OwnWith A Treasured Compass, A Mysterious Stone Rubbing, And Buelo S Legend As His Only Guides, He Sets Out On A Perilous Quest To Discover If He Is True Of Heart And What The Future Holds

10 thoughts on “Mañanaland

  1. Katie Hanna Katie Hanna says:

    weeping I don t know what I expected from this short, simple little middle grade book, but iT WASN T BEING UTTERLY DESTROYED FROM THE INSIDE OUT Ma analand is an allegory for the plight of migrants in today s world, particularly Hispanic migrants in the Americas Set in the fictional country of Santa Maria, next door to the cruel dictatorship of Abismo which literally means Hell I told you, this is an allegory , it weaves a tale of ordinary pe

  2. Cande Cande says:

    this one of the most powerful books i have ever read wow just wow

  3. Darla Darla says:

    The gorgeous illustrations and storytelling give a fairy tale feel to the narrative despite the spare prose This is a quick read, but unpacks some truths for middle grade kids to consider It is simple enough for young readers to grasp while still giving the opportunity formature discussions with older ones There are some high stakes moments with a not quite happily ever after ending I predict this one could be on the Newbery list for 2021 Thank you to Scho

  4. Alex Baugh Alex Baugh says:

    Eleven year old Maximiliano Cordoba loves playing f tbol, and hopes to someday play on the celebrated Santa Maria national team just like his Pap and his Abuelo did when they were young And tryouts are only a few weeks away But when Max is invited to join a f tbol clinic in another town, his father refuses to give him permission to go Instead, Max is invited to help his father find needed stones for building a new bridge, and earning money to buy a new pair of co

  5. Deb (Readerbuzz) Nance Deb (Readerbuzz) Nance says:

    Max Cordoba has grown up hearing the legends his grandfather has shared, stories of a mysterious gatekeeper who leads travelers to a safe haven, a place called Ma analand, tomorrow land.Then Max gets the opportunity to help a traveler in need of rescue Can he do it, even though it is against his family s wishes.It took me fifty pages to get into this story, but, once I did, I couldn t stop reading.

  6. Lynn Lynn says:

    Touching StoryA story of a son abandoned as a baby by the mother and a father who tries to keep the mother in the boy s after she is gone It is apparent that the mother has escaped to the US and they are in a Latin American country but he always hopes mom will come and the father keeps that hope alive.

  7. Courtney Courtney says:

    I really enjoyed this read, it was whimsical, thought provoking, and hopeful It would be a great read aloud I would love to read it with kids in Spanish.

  8. LS Johnson LS Johnson says:

    I continue to readfictional books that bring to light at least for me events, atrocities, and situations that highlight historical events, but also shine a light on current events Bravo to authors for seeing the present in light of the past, in hopes of a better future A favorite quote from this book It only takes one or two people to generate hate and make it escalate This is not my favorite book written by Mu oz Ryan, but she remains one of my favorite authors.

  9. Amber K. Amber K. says:

    This book is going to stick with me for awhile Max is a young boy living with his father His mother left a long time ago and he doesn t remember her or know her He wants to meet her desperately Then he discovers a family secret while snooping through his dad s stuff A secret about an underground network of guardians who lead people fleeing their country to safety Through this secret he continues to uncover clues about his mother and his own past Sadly, this story of people fleeing the This book is

  10. Leonard Kim Leonard Kim says:

    I preferred Village of Scoundrels by Margi Preus, which came out a week before this and has a somewhat similar scenario.

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