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Ways Of Thinking, Ways Of Teaching ePUB ↠ Ways Of Ways of Thinking, Ways of Teaching presents a model of teacher thinking and action one that explains teacher decisions about what and how to teach Combining qualitative and quantitative data drawn from observations and interviews with urban teachers of writing, George Hillocks argues that teacher knowledge is not simply transferred from some source to the teacher Rather, it is constructed on the basis of assumptions about epistemology, students, and subject matter The fact of this construction helps to explain why teacher education has had so little effect on changing the classroom behaviour of teachers from one generation to the next The book examines what actually happens in composition classrooms, presenting large chunks of representative transcripts for analysis

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  1. Mary Mary says:

    In someways, Hillocks conclusions don t seem so radical the ways teachers think influence the ways they teach But the hours of observational research into the specifics of how these teachers teach are amazing For instance, the biggest distinction Hillocks makes is between optimistic pessimistic teachers In other words, do you hate your students Okay, hate is strong,

  2. RRVWP RRVWP says:

    Hillocks examines what makes teachers change their practice and comes up with some not so encouraging results.

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