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Paperback  Ó Blaze PDF á Bestselling author JoAnn Ross turns up the heat in a novel of heart stopping suspense and white hot passion that takes readers from the sultry South Carolina Lowcountry to the rugged Northern California coast, and ultimately into the darkest reaches of the human heart.Fire cop Tess Gannon is hot on the trail of a pyromaniac who s been setting buildings ablaze throughout Somersett, South Carolina, when ATF Special Agent Gage O Halloran arrives on her fire scene Coming out of a self imposed exile, Gage suspects that Tess s Flamemaster is connected to a serial killer he apprehended three years ago.Tess doesn t like Gage He s too rude Too arrogant Too damnmale Worse yet, she doesn t trust him Forced into an uneasy alliance, Tess and Gage race to stop the killer from striking another fatal match But Gage s fragile hope for redemption is put to the test when Tess becomes ensnared in a homicidal pyromaniac s deadly obsession And time is running out. I had a hard time understanding the end of the book I still find it a bit confusing but I did enjoy the relationship between the two main characters The good thing about this book was that I never would ve guessed in a million years who the pyro was. Wonderful page turning action I loved Tess because she s a strong character. Just too much sex this is what I have noted the most in this book It wasn t enough for Ms Ross to make the male and female protagonists to have sex on their 2nd day of acquaintance, but really expound on each of their many encounters afterwards All this given that Tess despised Gage from the very first moment she laid eyes on him And somehow, this clouded the real theme of the story which was arson and murder Just the same, the story had its twists and turns, and for that, it was just ok. I had overlooked this book several times and now am sorry that I did for so long It was edge of your seat my case, edge of laying on the bed action and intrigue through out the book The characters were smart and interesting Tess Gannon is a fire investigator for the city of Summerset After losing her fiance to a fire three years before, she couldn t return to being a fireman So has since moved on to investigation fires While investigating a fire where someone dies, she and her partner are joined by a man that is an investigator too He once put an arsonist away for setting a series of fires that murdered Now he is after a copycat arsonist that is copying the infamous arsonist that is now sitting in jail But Gage O Holloran doesn t expect to be attracted to the little fire investigator from Summerset While they track the copy cat arsonist and try to prevent them striking again, Their attraction becomes physical But will their attraction become love And will they be able to find the arsonist that is killing in Summerset and may have killed Tess s fiance

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