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[ BOOKS ] ✫ Wayside School Beneath the Cloud of Doom Author Louis Sachar – Pv1.info For The First Time In Twenty Five Years, Wayside School Is Back In Session In This Brand New, Fourth Installment In The Perennially Beloved And Bestselling Series By Newbery Medal Winning Author Louis SacharWelcome Back To Wayside School Your Favorite Students And Teachers Are All Here That Includes Sharie, Who Loves Her Striped And Spotted Umbrella Than Anything Kathy, Who Has A Bad Case Of Oppositosis Jason, Who Has To Read The Longest Book In The World And The Rest Of Mrs Jewls S Class On The Thirtieth Floor, Who Are Busily Collecting Toenail ClippingsEveryone Is Scrambling To Prepare For The All Important Ultimate Test, But Meanwhile, There Is A Mysterious Cloud Of Doom Looming Above Them More Than Fifteen Million Readers In The US Have Laughed At The Clever And Hilarious Stories Of Wayside School So What Are You Waiting For Come Visit Wayside School

10 thoughts on “Wayside School Beneath the Cloud of Doom

  1. karen karen says:

    having just realized in 2018 that there was even a THIRD wayside school book and reading it for my missed MG sequels project, this fourth book in the series excluding those two weird math books are they even part of the series , published FORTY YEARS after book one, is a welcome return to a world

  2. Liv Morris Liv Morris says:

    The author s note of this book made me laugh It s that funny, start to finish.If you re worried that this book won t capture the spirit of the first three, or that it will feel outdated, rest assured on both counts Wayside School has not been updated for 2020 there s not a smartphone in sight, for instance

  3. Christy Christy says:

    It s so cool that it s beenthan 40 years since Louis Sachar published the very first installment of the Wayside School series And 25 years since the 3rd book was written I vividly remember my teacher reading these aloud to us when I was in Elementary School, and I just had to buy one of them at the Book Fair It was j

  4. ♛primadonna♛ ♛primadonna♛ says:

    One of my favorite series of all time is getting a new additionOne of my favorite series of all time is getting a new addition

  5. Marc *Dark Reader of the Woods* Marc *Dark Reader of the Woods* says:

    UPDATE 5 8 20 My daughter pointed out a hilarious connection across the final word from each book in this series spanning 40 years Oh Louis Sachar, you scamp.Wonderful It hardly feels like there has been such a large time gap since the last book in this series In world virtually no time has elapsed, anyway All of your favorite character

  6. Juliana Juliana says:

    Over forty years after Sideways Stories From Wayside School was released, Louis Sachar releases the fourth in the series I personally only read the first two in my childhood so it was a pleasant surprise to realize I hadto read from the Wayside universe While I don t think this one was quite as good as the others, this was a pretty decent book So

  7. Andi Andi says:

    I remember the first time I read a Wayside School story I was in the second grade and the book Wayside School is Falling Down had already been out, but it was being showcased in a Schoolastic Book ad that they give you at school I told my mother I wanted it and then she kindly purchased it for me.The book was like the humor language of The Goonies, where t

  8. Daphne Daphne says:

    Just as fun as the previous three Even though the first Wayside book was published 40 years ago , if I didn t know any better I d assume this was published along with the original ones I m only giving this 4 stars because it felt simpler andrushed than the other three and the characters didn t get as much development I still really, really enjoyed it though and its

  9. Sarah Sarah says:

    A NEW WAYSIDE SCHOOL BOOK I am so here for this and Mr Kidswatter is a mugworm griblick.

  10. Kellee Moye Kellee Moye says:

    Oh the nostalgia Just as quirky as I remember

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