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To the Last City MOBI ¶ To the  PDF/EPUB ² To the Last City is set deep in the Peruvian Andes, where five ill prepared travellers men and women with different values, temperaments and motives find themselves trekking through one of the most exacting and beautiful regions on earth.It is a journey which may temper or destroy them They confront not only their relationships with one another, but also the enigmas of the country s past, the dangers of its present, and the limitations of their own minds and bodies The lost city of their destination is Vilcabamba, last refuge of the Inca against the Spaniards, subsumed by jungle for four hundred years.In this brilliant exploration of the psychological challenges of travelling, set within the exotic jungle of South America, Colin Thubron for the first time joins his highly acclaimed talents as a travel writer with his gifts as a novelist. I m a little hesitant to reveal my true feelings because there are so few reviews of this book and I d bet Mr Thubron can keep up with all of them and I really don t want to offend him but this really was an awful book The characters were so poorly developed I was left feeling a complete lack of anything other than relief that my long slog of 4 days reading the book was over I love Peru and would love to explore this area a little less so after reading this book And he is a travel writer.The amazingly incomprehensible crazy thing is that this tiny 150 odd page paperback book, which has a printed price of 6.99 lbs how do you type British Pounds , has a price tag that says 26.95 Australia is such a colossal ripoff when it comes to new books I can t believe anyone would pay this much for any book especially this one I got my copy free from a university student union book exchange. The setting and situation of this novella when I read the back cover seemed promising, peaking my interest five travellers thrown together for a difficult trek in Peru.There were some interesting observations themes and the descriptions of the environment were well done he is a travel writer after all but all the characters seemed two dimensional at best, and so the story never came to life for me. 2004 notebook nice stuff on stars, ravines, lakes but characters a bit thin, expected A Spanish poet, thin, troubled, a fat elderly bloke with a young, mysterious wife Picks up a bit at the end, an ambush, an Inca city in the undergrowth. This is the first novel I have read by Thubron though have read and very much enjoy his writing style The language didn t disappoint and I was quite intrigued by the setting A subtle observation of human interaction.

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