Common Phrases: And Where They Come From ePUB ↠ And

Common Phrases: And Where They Come From ePUB ↠ And Ever wondered where the phrase raining cats and dogs came from In a Teutonic myth, the wind was a huge dog, chief attendant to Odin, the god of wisdom, war, and the cosmos When it rained hard, Odin s dog was chasing a cat, in the form of rain So when it poured, Odin dropped cats and dogs from the sky Learn the stories behind such phrases as A la carte Coast is clear Dog days of summer Flash in the pan In hot water Lame duck Pay through the nose Run amok Apple of my eye Cock and bull story Cut and dried Face the music Fly off the handle Kick the bucket Lion s share Pull strings And many

10 thoughts on “Common Phrases: And Where They Come From

  1. Loraine Loraine says:

    Have you ever wondered where an expression like crocodile tears, apple of my eye, even Steve, mad money, three sheets to the wind, or piping hot came from Well this book explains lots of common expressions and th

  2. Jessica Jessica says:

    Very interesting I loved learning where these phrases came from and learning a few new phrases along the way.

  3. Andrew Hazlewood Andrew Hazlewood says:

    This is a terrible book It seems like the author did no research but just made stuff up The very first idiom, crocodile tears, has an explanation that is patently false about the noises crocodiles make and makes no

  4. Skylar Richter Skylar Richter says:

    Myron Korach has collected many tales on how the common phrases we use today came to be Some are wacky, funny, silly, weird, bloody, and even just historical There are many common phrases that most do know, and many

  5. Bryan Bryan says:

    Common Phrases And Where They Come From I found this book interesting but believe that in some cases the given derivation of, especially phrases, is either incomplete there could be another one or two derivations or

  6. Kathryn Kathryn says:

    This is a light, but interesting book I picked it up because I thought my husband would be interested in it, but read it before I gave it to him It is about the history and origins of common phrases.

  7. D.J. D.J. says:

    This book was so inconsistent Could have been a fun read, but was instead very frustrating.

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