10 thoughts on “Shadow Land

  1. Leo . Leo . says:

    This book I read when I was a teenager It is a fantastic book by a literary great.Finished reading it again recently while I was away I enjoyed it again Five stars.

  2. Maciek Maciek says:

    Peter Straub came to prominence in 1979 with Ghost Story, an old fashioned spooky ghost tale which I wasn t really a fan of though I appreciate it A year later, in 1980, he published Shadowland, a coming of age novel which can be classified as dark fantasy with horror elements This time, I say, he penned a winner Shadowland is concerned with the friendship

  3. J.K. Grice J.K. Grice says:

    I could only make it through half this book before I just had to quit Another Straub novel that did not work for me.

  4. Dirk Grobbelaar Dirk Grobbelaar says:

    Revisited ReviewI really enjoy this kind of horror Shadowland has an elaborate build up, and the reader invests quite a bit in the story before things start going awry This means that you actually do care about what happens next There s also a very real world feel to the events, however bizarre things eventually turn out You almost, almost feel that this could actually happ

  5. Bandit Bandit says:

    Not sure what happened here, although I suspect it was the case of success bloat Straub s first ventures into supernatural If You Could See Me Now and Julia were lean, mean thriller thrilling machines Shadowland must be where he veered off into the prolixity of later years I had such high expectations for this book based not only on how much I liked the Straub s aforementioned works

  6. Barry Barry says:

    Some of thesurreal moments, as well as the occasional switches in narratives, made this book a little hard to follow at times, but there IS a reason I gave this book five stars it was terrific It s not the all out horror fest that the cover of the 1980 s paperback promised, but there were some truly gruesome scenes towards the climax, as well as a general tone of mounting tension throughout.

  7. Rick Urban Rick Urban says:

    During the extremely unsatisfying experience of reading Lev Grossman s The Magicians , I kept thinking of how much better Straub s treatment of similar themes was, so literally the minute I finished The Magicians I went to my bookshelf and picked out this book to re read With it s nods to everything from Grimm s Fairy Tales to Hans Christian Andersen to John Fowles The Magus, this is both a literate

  8. Tony Tony says:

    I really a fish walks by eating a taco want to like this tiiiiin rooof book but rustedI just get sidetracked once there was a mouse and a squirrel, but that was a long time ago just kept getting distracted a taco walks by eating a fish by the trippy dr...

  9. Thomas Strömquist Thomas Strömquist says:

    This book was my January 2016 buddy read with super reading buddy Edward Lorn For a number of reasons, we abandoned it that time, at close to half the book read Edward suggested it was time to give it another chance and I m grateful for that At the same time, I can understand the way we struggled with it the first time around the read is not like much else, even if I m having a quite hard time pinning down what sets i

  10. Dawn Dawn says:

    I can t even review this I hated it Finishing it was like Chinese water torture I just. Hated it I have no idea what the point was It was just Ridiculous and bad and ridiculously bad.I don t want to waste another moment thinking about it, so that s my review Not recommended.

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