The Palace of Tears MOBI ´ The Palace Kindle - of

The Palace of Tears  MOBI ´ The Palace  Kindle - of It is 1868 On a balmy autumn afternoon in Paris, young winemaker Casimir de Ch teauneuf wanders into a small shop filled with curiosities from the Orient There he spies a cache of fine miniature portraits.Above all others, an ivory skinned beauty captivates him Her eyes one blue, the other yellow That night they pursue Casimir in his dreams, as one burning question consumes him Who is she Thus begins Alev Croutier s lush, stirring adventure of the heart a mesmerizing tale of forbidden passion, true love, and destiny For Casimir will forsake his family, his vocation, and his country to find the object of his obsession.His journey will lead him across desert and sea, from the Royal Court in Paris to a sultan s palace in Istanbul And there he will find the woman of his reveries, the woman with one blue eye, the other yellow But in this city of passion, in a Palace of Tears, Casimir is about to discover what it will mean to make a dream real and what awaits him when his lover is set free.

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