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Scorch Atlas PDF á Paperback In this striking novel in stories, a series of strange apocalypses have hit America Entire neighborhoods drown in mud, glass rains from the sky, birds speak gibberish, and parents of young children disappear Millions starve while others grow coats of mold But a few are able to survive and find a light in the aftermath, illuminating what we ve become In The Disappeared , a father is arrested for missing free throws, leaving his son to search alone for his lost mother A boy swells to fill his parents ransacked attic in The Ruined Child Rendered in a variety of narrative forms, from a psychedelic fable to a skewed insurance claim questionnaire, Blake Butler s full length fiction debut paints a gorgeously grotesque version of America, bringing to mind both Kelly Link and William H Gass, yet imbued with Butler s own vision of the apocalyptic and bizarre

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  1. Joshua Nomen-Mutatio Joshua Nomen-Mutatio says:

    A lot of stuff gets compared to the films of David Lynch This book is no exception In an interview I read with Butler right before starting this book, Lynch s film INLAND EMPIRE was raised as a prominent influence on his work The comparison is apt enough I m a huge Lynch fan and got to see him present the film at the Music Box Theater in Chicago back when it

  2. Nate D Nate D says:

    Overhead the sky was melting, the cracked cream color rubbing off in cogs of brine The fields far ahead of me in endless pudding, studded here and there with what had been homes and houses, hair and heirlooms, habits, hallways, hauntings, hope p.124 I think I m starting to get what Blake Butler is up to here And up to in general And it s fantastic The first, imme

  3. Ben Winch Ben Winch says:

    Faux gothic airbrushed precocious prose wallpaper No scene, all summary Occasional cute contortions of form because he can The discrepancy between reputation and actuality is startling.

  4. knig knig says:

    Butler speaks, and Perraultian vipers slither out, squirmudgeoning onto ink blotted grey pastiche paper and tranvesting into diamonds toads and diamonds, toads and diamonds how I love Perrault.inanisms Blake has language, but no meaning Words oscillate with a vested light and charge the plane of paper until they combust Apocalyptic prophet, Butler reams his world with do

  5. Jonfaith Jonfaith says:

    Sometime in the late 1990s our CFO gave me tickets for Rigoletto I asked M if she wanted to go, she paused and shrugged It was no surprise that she dyed her hair bright orange and inserted a rather tribal ring through septum I wore a Radiohead t shirt We arrived conveying absolute indifference, then somewhere along the way despite the patrician trappings, I found myself enra

  6. Maciek Maciek says:

    I enjoy dystopias and fiction set during and after the apocalypse I like to see the world being creatively remade, a new one entering into the place left empty by the old There s just something intensely appealing in the concept of having a largely empty earth, left alone to the few survivors who take upon themselves to establish some kind of order and society, struggling to sur

  7. Zach Zach says:

    Less a collection of short stories than a litany of vignettes and lists that s right, a litany of lists of things crumbling, rotting, molding, falling from the sky, drowning, vomiting, dripping, disintegrating, breaking down, melting, bubbling, decaying, putrefying, stinking, degenerating, deteriorating, and dissolving This physical decrepitude of humans, animals, buildings, Earth,

  8. Spencer Spencer says:

    An array of cataclysms are collected together here to form a surreal and bleak tapestry of despair and destruction Blake Butler s prose is finely crafted in such an effective way to give decay a strange beauty and haunting poignancy I ve not read any of Blake s other work but I m definitely interested now as I found this to be very impressive.

  9. Benoit Lelièvre Benoit Lelièvre says:

    I have been vocal about my admiration for Blake Butler s work before, but wow Is reading that guy a trip or what His writing is an otherworldly experience in itself How could I describe Scorch Atlas and give you an accurate portrait of what it feels like It s a series of portraits of families affected by an unnamed natural disaster and an inexplicable plague that seems to have followed Ther

  10. Krok Zero Krok Zero says:

    Elegiac snapshots of the apocalypse The first of these grim lullabies is a mind boggling masterpiece called The Disappeared that should be compulsory reading for pretty much everyone The rest of the book, alas, gets a bit samey and flat, like an album with a perfect opening track followed by a batch of songs just good enough to keep you from deleting the MP3s but not nearly good enough to get t

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