Emerging Worship: Creating Worship Gatherings for New

Emerging Worship: Creating Worship Gatherings for New Churches are aging Even among megachurches with their modern technology and huge number of members, whole generations are now missing In order to reach the year olds, churches need to incorporate alternative worship services into their ministries that meet the unique needs of the emerging generations In a conversational, narrative style, author Dan Kimball guides church leaders on how to create alternative services from start to finish Using anecdotes from his own experience at Graceland, Kimball presents six creative models, providing real life examples of each type Emerging Worship covers key topics including Developing a prayer team Evaluating the local mission field and context Determining leaders and a vision based team Understanding why youth pastors are usually the ideal staff to start a new service Recognizing the difference in values between emerging worship and the rest of the church Asking critical questions beforehand

10 thoughts on “Emerging Worship: Creating Worship Gatherings for New Generations

  1. Jesse Kane Jesse Kane says:

    Not bad Nothing crazy the book markets itself as EMERGENT, but it s fairly Orthodox I was somewhat dissatisfied with the emphasis on growing a church or worshipping according to people s preferences that appeared One suggestion I would have walking forward from this book is that worship services are missional rather than preferential.

  2. Martin Crowhurst Martin Crowhurst says:

    Should be read by all, especially those who can t see why people want to experiment with new, and old forms of worship I think it provides a good understanding of why a counter reformation inj worship forms could bless us all

  3. Wes Hunter Wes Hunter says:

    This book is tailored for people involved in designing worship gatherings for emerging generations It is very helpful in that regard It may not be as interesting for a lay person that isn t involved in worship planning, because it deals with a lotlogistics and less underlying thought that The Emerging Church, but its definitely an interesting read.

  4. David David says:

    The book was fine in its own way I suppose the real problem is that the topic of organizing a worship service does not really appeal to me right now I d much rather discuss the underlying philosophical and theological assumptions and beliefs that go into they why of methodology rather than look at the how.

  5. David Hardin David Hardin says:

    Some good stuffThere was a lot to like about this book It is an excellent glimpse into what emerging worship is trying to accomplish As a 30 something I resonate with a lot of it It also contains some of the our way is better attitude that marks so much of the emerging church movement, as well as some of the questionable theology that has marked so much of it.

  6. Sarah Sarah says:

    Got this for all of 50p in a used book shop It s a quick read, as others have said probably aimedat actual worship leaders but I found it interesting in explaining what different churches are doing I think it was written in 2004 though and while still relevant there is a lot that feels a bit outdated already.

  7. Lucas Lucas says:

    A good, practical discussion of how some churches have changed their worship gatherings to meet the spiritual needs of, and communicateprofoundly to younger generations Anyone involved or interested in planning and designing worship would be wise to check this out.

  8. Matt Hartzell Matt Hartzell says:

    Emerging Worship is a really practical guide for how to change your gathering space to engage a post modern generation It is chock full of practical tips and tricks for re energizing your weekly gatherings.

  9. Jt Jt says:

    some good thoughts

  10. Scott Scott says:

    Crap, Crap, Crap He only talk about putting a face lift on worship not the real substance behind making worshipattainable for a new generation.

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