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Secrets of a Prayer Warrior PDF/EPUB ì a Prayer  MOBI One of the most personal and powerful acts a Christian can engage in is prayer Yet many believers struggle with their prayer lives, wondering whether they are really making a difference and how they can beeffective Delving deep into the biblical understanding of prayer, beloved author and leader Derek Prince shows readers the secret to leading a dynamic prayer life, how to receive what they ask for, and how to align themselves with the heart of God Practical strategies like fasting, biblical study, discipline, and consistency are extensively explained and illustrated by powerful testimonies This is a life changing book.

10 thoughts on “Secrets of a Prayer Warrior

  1. Sherri Hayes Sherri Hayes says:

    I will read this book at least once a year Derek was, in my opinion, one of greatest Bible teachers this world has ever known My love for the Word has been enhanced through his teaching He not only teaches what t

  2. Mike Mike says:

    Excellent teaching on prayerDerek Prince lives on through his powerful and practical collection of books This book will be another that I will be recommending to anyone who hungers to pray powerfully.

  3. antony antony says:

    Secrets of a prayer warriorThis is a comprehensive book, well written and easy to read.The author has a deep experience about the subject and that comes through in the things he teaches about prayer.The book descri

  4. Larry Wagner Larry Wagner says:

    A very great book to read.That covers everything that people need to see with their own eyesnot what you would expect it really is s just a decision in your mind..the world is bigger place..

  5. Lynn McGinnis Lynn McGinnis says:

    A timely prayer primerFor the believer seeking a intimate and productive prayer life, this is for you Derek Prince provides powerful, scriptural prayers to stand against the spiritual battles we face on a daily basi

  6. Titilola Titilola says:

    It was a great read I intend to read it again I learnt as Christians we must continue to pray Gods will without being tired.

  7. Kim Zimmerman Kim Zimmerman says:

    one of the best detailed and biblical books on prayer I have read to date

  8. Dave Wheeler Dave Wheeler says:

    Wakey wakeyDerek Prince a renowned know Bible Teacher has a wake up call to the Church, that is to each individual that makes up the Church This book is not fresh of the selves it s been out for a while and Derek has ad

  9. Bernice Bernice says:

    Originally, I borrowed the audiobook read by Basil Sands from the library because I only read the surname and thought it was a book by Joseph Prince, the Singapore pastor Prior to this book, I did not recall the name, De

  10. I I says:

    This book was EXCELLENT It not only explains the power of prayer, but enjoining it with a holy lifestyle, fasting, proper motive and an emphasis on seeking and submitting to God s Will and His plan You MUST read it multip

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