Richard Scarry's Pie Rats Ahoy! PDF/EPUB Î Pie Rats

Richard Scarry's Pie Rats Ahoy! PDF/EPUB Î Pie Rats This is an old Richard Scarry story I have no idea why they had somebody who is clearly not Richard Scarry re draw all the pictures, in the process losing much of their spontaneity and charm.I can understand that he s not around any , but this story was already drawn Why do it over This new art looks like someone badly traced the old art. Oh those Pie Rats Yet another wonderful Richard Scarry book though they ALL are. Oh, man This has got to be one of my favorites I haven t seen it in a bit, but thought about Talk Like a Pirate Day, and knew I needed this book I LOVE this book And the illustrations are just plain Richard Scarry terrific Good laugh for all Richard Scarry created the best book for kids Preschool 3rd grade but I think we all love it 2 2 Hope Book was like one star. What can you do to protect your pie from rats, scary pie rats Childhood favorite. I love the artwork of Richard Scarry Always detailed and emotive. Illus in full color Sneaky pirates give Uncle Willy the old heave ho and steal his pie But Uncle Willy has a plan to foil those Pie Rats, and to make Busytown Bay safe again A silly read Smart characters Loads of fun. CIP Uncle Willy uses a clever disguise to save his boat from a gang of pirates and make Busytown safe again From the hilarity of the Richard Scarry archives comes his story of a rogue band of pie loving rats and Uncle Willy s who also happens to be a cat industrious plan to thwart them This nearly 40 year old story is still a hit with the preschool set and recommended for ages 4 through 7 Reviews none found

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