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➵ The Year's Work in Lebowski Studies Read ➼ Author Edward P. Comentale – Pv1.info If the Dude appears as the creature who reportedly emerges at the end of history, then the Stranger is the Last Man s critic and fan in short, the academic He provides a Marlow to the Dude s Lord Jim, a proxy for the Archimedean predicament of the critic philosopher at a juncture of historical extremity and semiotic overload He just points at something innerestin and gently nods 32 A quote I particularly liked In the mouths of consummate vulgarians, fuck is a word of dazzling polysemy, of stunning referential plasticity. I used the film in a class and so I assigned some of the essays in this collection A somewhat uneven collection, but interesting nonetheless, and helpful I particularly liked the first essay, likening the film to Rip Van Winkle gets at questions of industry, economics, politics, war, gender, work. I had to shelve it halfway through The problem with an academic anthology on one topic is that, no matter which aspect of the subject you write on, there WILL be repetition throughout the book I ran into a lot of that with this book so much that I became bored and gave up. Some okay essays Some really stretched the reading of film comparisons. I rate it A Massive Underground Sensation, The Big Lebowski Has Been Hailed As The First Cult Film Of The Internet Age In This Book, Fans And Scholars Address The Film S Influences Westerns, Noir, Grail Legends, The S, And Fluxus And Its Historical Connections To The First Iraq War, Boomers, Slackerdom, Surrealism, College Culture, And Of Course Bowling The Year S Work In Lebowski Studies Contains Neither Arid Analyses Nor Lectures For The Late Night Crowd, But New Ways Of Thinking And Writing About Film Culture Too academic and boring Love the film, but the overly intellectual mumbo jumbo was just too much to get through. Slow going Leave it to academics to wring the juice out of something lovely A must for diehard fans Just don t expect to whip through it.

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