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Um Fogo Eterno PDF å Um Fogo  PDF/EPUB ² Hannah, Sarah e Camilla partilharam uma inf ncia m gica e feliz no Qu nia Anos depois, as tr s jovens mulheres regressam s terras altas da frica Oriental e quele que agora um pa s independente Hannah luta para preservar a sua mem ria na fazenda Langani, alvo de uma s rie de ataques violentos que amea am a sua seguran a e casamento Sarah est a estudar o comportamento dos elefantes numa zona perigosa devido ac o de ca adores furtivos, refugiando se no trabalho para superar a morte do seu amor de inf ncia Camilla, um cone mundial da moda, abandona a sua carreira em Londres e regressa ao Qu nia por amor a um carism tico ca ador e guia de saf ris Mas um segredo paira sobre elas Com a ajuda de um ambicioso jornalista indiano, elas v o desvendar a verdade por detr s da morte do noivo de Sarah e dos constantes ataques fazenda e s suas vidas As paix es e prova es por que passam estas inesquec veis hero nas, unidas uma vez mais pela amizade e pelo amor ao pa s das suas inf ncias, fazem de Um Fogo Eterno um romance pico e magn fico

10 thoughts on “Um Fogo Eterno

  1. Daisy Daisy says:

    There is so much that I could say about this book but there is no way that I could express my feelings in an articulate manner right now The nuance and detail to this book and the characters is e

  2. Shirley Shirley says:

    A superb sequel to Blood Sisters An exciting tale of love, hardship, undying friendship, loss, savagery, degradation and in the end hope and redemption In the first years of Kenyan independence, three fr

  3. Kathy Kathy says:

    The second book I bought with cash while I was traveling and climbing in Tanzania It s based in Kenya in the 60s, but the story is really about the relationships in it and did not seem overly dated I enjoyed the

  4. Rachel Glass Rachel Glass says:

    It s extremely rare for the second book in a trilogy to be good it s often a bridging book between the beginning and end After not being sure about the first book to start with, I found this one just as gripping, if not

  5. Renee Renee says:

    Wow, this sequel to Blood Sisters is wonderful Perhaps even better than Blood Sisters, and that s saying something The authors are really talented their storyline is superb I was walking around the house with this huge brick of

  6. Arlene Arlene says:

    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here 2nd book in trilogy Sarah, Camilla, and Hanna are now in their 20 s Circumstances and life separate them from each other, but story follows each of their l

  7. L F L F says:

    When your life becomes hostile, can you tame it and find happiness This novel deals with this timeless thought as our three protagonists try to find s place in life for them This second installment of the Langani Trilogy runs into some tough t

  8. Jenrush Jenrush says:

    Truly amazing story Loved this one evenas it provided answers and conclusions to so much opened up in the first Keating book, Blood Sisters So sad when it was overBut just yesterday, found out that the Keating sisters wrote onebook in the Langani seri

  9. Athol-mary Athol-mary says:

    Absolutely loved it this book 2nd of a trilogy focuses on the three white girls women they are in early 30s now and Kenya is just so alive and vibrant, yet also so insecure and often dangerous An interesting way to look at identity they all see themselves as

  10. Mirit Mirit says:

    It is a very hopeful story I liked it but somehow the language put me off a bit It was too hopeful, unrealistic to me The way the characters just didn t hit rock bottom, kept going on despite everything It seemed fictional to me because in the real world we do break

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