Soldiers Without Borders Epub Ñ Soldiers Without

Soldiers Without Borders  Epub Ñ Soldiers Without Absolutely horrible! It's like he phoned this one in Nowhere near the calibre of The Amazing SAS This book is like a collection of poorly edited, individually written fluff pieces, mashed together into roughly themed chapters The informal writing style detracts from the credibility of the subject matter, leaving me feeling neither educated nor entertained Total waste of time. I had to give this book back to the library before I had finished it but I was really annoyed by the informal writing style It felt really unprofessional. This one wasn’t as good as the first SASfocused book It follows the lives of many men who have left the SAD in pursuit of other careers, and although some are interesting, the writing doesn’t allow for a flow and it seems very clunky. Soldier's Without Borders provides insight into a world not available to the public eye Private military contracting and how the appeal of money to currently and exserving members of the SASR are being enticed into the world of mercenary work It explains how Australians are being employed overseas to train the soldiers of other nations and how the Australian way of mentoring and soldiering has been preferred over British and American styles I finished this book with the realisation that mercenaries are far better paid than regular and elite soldiers, but other than that the book was hard to pick up and read between chapters The idea that senior soldiers make good business people is further reinforced by private Australian military contractors being used in regions such as North Africa, Indonesia, PNG, East Timor, Saudi Arabia, and UAE. What happens to the elite, closeknit soldiers of Australia's Special Air Service SAS Regiment after they leave the Who Dares Wins world of special forces? For some, there are highly paid jobs in the world's war zones and trouble spots protecting global corporations from terrorism, sabotage and violence Others become powerful government advisers, many join foreign armies to train their special forces and expand the global brotherhood Most risky of all, is the shadowy world of deniable 'black ops' Guarding a deadly secret military cargoa new missile system brokered through a spook under the guise of a Middle Eastern arms dealeris all in a day's work These are the risky yet vital jobs that governments will never admit From Iraq and Afghanistan to Africa and Asia, awardwinning defence writer Ian McPhedran uncovers a virtually unknown network and tells how Australia's top soldiers are forever linked in a seemingly borderless world Very easy reading Very absorbing Another of those great books that you can and want to finish in one reading Great stories Great soldiers and man. Really good book, it is not usually a question I think about what do SAS members do when they retire? This book gives some answers and I really enjoyed this read.

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